Summer Glam Makeup ft. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Do you know that feeling when you find a makeup look that suits you and then you do it over and over again? That’s what happened to me this summer. For the past few months I wasn’t able to put down my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and I feel like I recreated this pink&purple eye makeup look more times than I can count.… Continue Reading


Amsterdam, Day 4 | Last Day & Final Thoughts

Last day in Amsterdam… oh no how did this trip end so quickly? I woke up feeling like there are so many things in this gorgeous city I have yet to see… For a minute I was almost considering coming back at some point. I did mention this in my Amsterdam Day 3 blog post, but I’ll say it again. Amsterdam has so much history and culture, I did not expect it!… Continue Reading


Amsterdam, Day 3 | Museum Hopping!

Last full day in Amsterdam, better make it count! On my third day in this gorgeous city, I decided to go museum hopping. I have to admit, before I went to Amsterdam I didn’t know that this city had so much history and culture. It seemed like everyone I talked to just went to coffee shops. Now you know I tried a brownie from a coffee shop on my first night and I was not impressed.… Continue Reading


Amsterdam, Day 2 | Madame Tussauds, Canal Cruise, Red Light District & More!

On my second day in Amsterdam I woke up bright and early. Yeah, I was quite tired after traveling on my first day and walking around the city. But I was also excited to see more of this gorgeous place. I quickly put on a full face of makeup and a casual dress and I was out the door. A few days before my trip I bought combo tickets for Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam Dungeon and a canal cruise, so I figured I might as well do them all in one day.… Continue Reading


Amsterdam, Day 1 | Exploring and Swinging Over The Edge at A’Dam Lookout

I always dreamed of going to The Netherlands. Even though when I was younger I wanted to see Rotterdam, over the past few years visiting Amsterdam has been high on my bucket list. So a few months ago I decided to do it.

I knew that if I wouldn’t do it this summer, I would have to put it off for another year.… Continue Reading


Highlight & Contour Stick By Rimmel: Is It Any Good?

Cream contouring is something I wanted to try for a while but never felt like spending the money on. I mean yeah, you don’t need a contour stick to cream contour. You can just use a foundation or concealer in a darker shade. But nope, I wanted to try something that was specifically designed for cream contouring. And something that didn’t have an orange undertone, like some of the more affordable cream contouring products tend to have.… Continue Reading


Hammamet, Tunisia | How Did I End Up There and Was It Good?

When I told people that I am going to Hammamet, Tunisia, most of them seemed a bit confused. I found that they had lots of questions along the lines of… ‘Why Tunisia?’, ‘Didn’t they have a terrorist attack there last year?’, ‘How do you always end up going to Arab countries?’ or ‘Is it safe there? Aren’t you scared?’. All I wanted was a nice, relaxing beach holiday, yet that rose a lot of questions from the people around me.… Continue Reading


Empties and Trash: Do I Want To Repurchase?

It’s that time of the year when I’m running out of products yet again. In today’s post, I have some empties and also one product that I am throwing away since it didn’t work out. To be completely honest with you, I have a love-hate relationship with my empties. It usually means that if it’s something I loved, then I am going to repurchase (RIP $$$).… Continue Reading

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My Travel Makeup Bag: This is Why It’s Big But Actually Practical

Can you imagine that when I travel my makeup bag is one of the reasons why I always have to buy a checked in luggage? Yes, I am the kind of person that will always put on makeup before leaving the house. Especially when I go on holidays and I want to take a lot of pictures (and selfies) to have as memories.… Continue Reading