5 Awesome Liquid Lipsticks for Spring&Summer That You Need

Liquid lipsticks are all I ever wear these days. I love how they last well on the lips and I don’t have to reapply or worry about them transferring everywhere. Hell, I recently threw out a bunch of normal lipsticks because I haven’t touched them in ages.

I also love spring, summer and any other warm day of the year. The sunshine makes me feel happy, motivated and well, alive. And for some reason most of these days I feel like wearing brighter colors. You know, just to show the world how good I am feeling.

But I don’t wear bright pinks only. I also need my nudes or more muted colors for more casual days or if I go for an intense eye makeup instead. So today I’m going to talk about 5 liquid lipsticks that I am currently obsessing over. And that I think you’ll enjoy too this spring/summer.

#1 Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Summer Lovin’

If this color doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. It’s one of the most beautiful pinks I’ve ever seen. It’s bright, neon even, but it doesn’t make me look crazy when I wear it. Tip: the Hydra Mattes cost $20 each, but Gerard Cosmetics (or affiliates) often has 35-40% discount codes, bringing the price down to $12-13. Not bad!

I first tried Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks about a year and a half ago (review here) and I fell in love with their formula. So of course when they came out with Summer Lovin’ last year I had to have it. I wore this shade a lot last summer and I started reaching for it a lot these days too.

#2 Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit

I can’t believe I’ve never talked about this on my blog before! This is the only shade I own from Sleek’s Matte Me liquid lipsticks range, but it is truly awesome. It says it’s a lip cream, but actually, it lasts all day. It is very comfortable to wear and the color is perfect not only for spring and summer, but all year around.

I love it because it in the tube it looks rather simple, but on me it seems to have a pink undertone. As you’ll be able to tell by the end of this post, I like pinks! And the best thing, this is only £4.99!

#3 H&M Velvet Lip Cream in Pep Talk

This is another bright, vibrant pink (review here). Just like the previous one, it says it’s a lip cream but in my opinion it’s an actual liquid lipstick. It is long wearing, transfer proof and it doesn’t feel dry on my lips. When I first got it I wasn’t a big fan of the applicator, but eventually, I learned how to work my way around it.

If you have an H&M store near you, which I am sure you do, check our their Velvet Lip Creams. They make a great addition to any liquid lipstick lovers’ collection! And if you need some makeup inspiration on how to wear this vibrant pink color, check out this makeup look here. These lip creams cost £6.99, which is a great deal!

#4 Rimmel Provocalips in ‘Little Minx’ and ‘I’ll Call You’

Okay, I said 5 but hear me out. These are the first liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried, and they are still my favorite ones. I tried to decide which color is my favorite, but I only managed to narrow it down between these two.

To be fair I prefer ‘Little Minx’ (£6.99) a little more because it is so bold and gorgeous. However, it is a lot easier to pull it off compared to ‘Summer Lovin’, and compared to ‘Pep Talk’ it has a slightly darker undertone. It is bold, but not in your face, if that makes sense.

As far as more natural, I can’t be bothered/I don’t have time kind of days go, I’ll Call You (£6.99) is perfect. It is the best ‘my lips but better’ pink. Tip if you’re obsessing over Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker from #13ReasonsWhy) soft pink lips, I think that this looks pretty similar to what she was wearing while recording the tapes.

#5 Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick

I love a good purple-toned lip. Granted I tend to wear purple lipstick a lot more during winter time, I find myself reaching for Kat von D’s ‘Lovesick’ quite a lot even during the warm days.

I would describe it as a beautiful purple with a slight pink undertone that would look fabulous on anyone. I looked at swatches of this color on different skin tones, and the shade tends to be different (more pale vs more vibrant, pinker vs more purple) but it did look amazing. This is £17 and I’m dying to try more colors! 🙂


And these are 5 liquid lipstick formulas that I think you need to try this spring and summer. If you think they are not for you, you can also check out the Primark’s Lip Kit or perhaps the Kylie Lip Kits from Aliexpress. They are some of my favorites too, but definitely not as loved as these 5 other formulas.

What liquid lipsticks do you recommend? Which shades do you reach for the most during the warm seasons? I am always curious to try out new formulas. Especially if we’re talking about affordable brands!


Until next time…

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