Why My Holiday in Algarve, Portugal, Was Exactly What I Needed

My trip to Algarve, Portugal must be the 2nd best holiday I’ve had so far. I’m even tempted to say it was the best thing that ever happened, but it’s still Dubai that still holds the #1 holiday spot in my heart. However, it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it and with a group of people who made me feel welcome. And spoiled. Why, you may be wondering? Keep on reading about my long weekend in Portugal to find out! 🙂

#1 I got to spend time with friends and meet new people!

This was my first international holiday in a long time that I didn’t go alone on. I usually am all about solo travel and stuff, but when my co-worker and friend invited me to spend a few days with him and his family in Portugal, I just couldn’t say no. If you’ve read my blog post about my holiday in Tunisia, then you probably know I wanted to go to Portugal earlier in the year. But I found the accommodation to be a bit overpriced and I just couldn’t be asked.

However, not having to worry about spending a lot of money on a decent hotel and instead spending said money on fun, parties and booze got me interested. And if I’m being honest, my social life is dull. Dull A. F. So meeting new people and exploring new places was exactly what I needed! Besides, my friend’s family is great and as I said above, they made me feel very welcome.

#2 I loved the beaches!

Yeah, sure, whatever. We have beaches in the UK. But driving on stupid lanes just to get to a wild beach where you have nothing to do and the water is waaay too cold all year around is just not for me. Algarve, however, is just great. We went to a few different beaches and they were gorgeous. And crowded. And there was stuff to do. Plus, let’s not forget umbrellas and sunchairs. That’s my kind of beaches!

I think the prettiest beach was this small one called Praia de Manuel Lourenco.

My favorite beach has to be the one in Albufeira. It’s a long, crowded beach which is just up my alley. Soft sand, lots of waves and sea sports. Can’t beat that!

The last beach we went to was Praia Da Gale. This was really pretty too and the waves were just perfect. And the water was so warm that day!

#3 Sunsets and starry sky

I can’t remember the last time that I saw a really pretty sunset in the UK. That’s probably because it’s always cloudy and gray around here. I think it must have been in May, when I was in London last. I went to Portugal at the end of August, so that’s 3 months without seeing a pretty sunset. Can you imagine that? Can you picture so many stupid clouds and boring gray skies? However, when I was in Portugal I feel like every evening the sky looked really pretty. Of course, my phone doesn’t capture the beautiful colors and contrasts that well, but hopefully you get the idea.

And oh my gosh! A starry sky?! I haven’t seen so many stars up on the sky in ages.

#4 Sangria, baby! And delicious food.

Sangria has to be one of my favorite drinks ever. It’s fruity and sweet and refreshing but it’s also a mixture of alcoholic beverages. What more can you ask for? And let me tell you, homemade sangria beats anything you ever bought from the supermarkets. Have that with some prawns and some homecooked food and your taste buds will thank you forever.

#5 White Night Party

I’ve never been to a ‘white night party’ before. Or any kind of themed parties, apart from Halloween. But this must be one of the coolest things I have ever done. There were so many people (dressed in white, duh) partying, singing and dancing on the streets of Loule, a small town in Portugal. I had such an amazing time!

Also, let’s appreciate this photobomb. It takes a few shots for me to look good in a picture. And the one picture where my face looks good, my posture is alright and my highlight & lipstick are popping, this guy decides to step in! Not only did he kind of ruin the picture, but it also looks like he was about to grab my bum, hahaha. (He didn’t touch me, but he looks generally confused, like ‘what am I doing here bruh?’)

#6 Parties, drinking and dancing.

Hi! I’m Denisa, and if I had the time, money and friends to do it, I would party EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I love it! I said earlier, my social life here in the UK is kind of dead. But my friend and his family like to party. Which is exactly what I needed: to relax, have a drink (or five) and enjoy life. On my last night in Portugal, I busted so many whines that my legs were ON FIREEEE. If you ever go to Algarve, Portugal, then you have to go to Libertos. People say it is a ‘posh club’, but honey they have the best music.

#7 Free drinks, anyone?

When I say free drinks I don’t mean I get this round and you get the next. I mean legit free drinks just for going to a club or just because people were nice. On my last night I was telling my new friend how I kind of always wanted to go to a bar and have a random (hot) guy buy me a drink. You know, like you see in movies. While no handsome and young sugga daddy bought me a drink, we got a fair share of free alcohol. One club was kind of empty and we were told we’d get a free cocktail if we went in. Said and done! The cocktail wasn’t the strongest alcoholic beverage I ever drank in my life, but it was good. Then we got a couple rounds of free shots as well!

The music there was kind of hit and miss (more misses than hits), so we found our way back to Liberto’s again. I was quite intoxicated, but if I remember it correctly my friend wanted to buy me a drink towards the end of the night. She only had €10 left and asked for 2 cocktails, so I told the bartender I’ll just pay the difference. Not only did he not ask me for more money, he also went ahead and gave us some free shots! Are all Portuguese people that nice???

#8 Algarve, Portugal, is just an awesome place to visit

It doesn’t matter if you love beaches or lean more towards nature, Algarve is gorgeous! And oh, did I mention the amazing weather? I think it’s a must see place if you want to relax, spend time on the beach and have fun. People are polite and welcoming, which is always a great thing. And oh, look at their style of houses! They have these cool looking chimneys, called Algarve chimneys, on their houses and I don’t think I’ve seen this type of architecture anywhere else.

And that about sums up my trip to Portugal. I had such an amazing time and a lot fun. To my friend’s family, if you ever come across my blog, thank you ever so much! It was great to disconnect, have fun and feel like a normal 23 years-old again.


Have YOU ever been to Portugal? How did you like it? If not, would you like to go?


Until next time,

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