All About my Nails! Length, Shape, Strength, Nail Care Routine FAQ and more

Hey there! So today I am going to talk about my nails since I usually get asked a lot of questions about them :). However let me start by saying that I am not a nail expert and my nail care routine is kind of… not existing 🙂 But I suppose I can talk a little about growth/length, strength, shape and other “frequently asked questions” 🙂

I also have a YouTube video about this, if you would like to watch it! 🙂

Okay so let’s see… when it comes to my nails I can say that I am quite lucky. As I mentioned earlier I don’t exactly have a routine but yet if you have been watching my videos (or read the posts in which I shared my nail designs) then you probably know that my kitty claws are usually pretty long. I also am lucky when it comes to my skin, weight or hair, but these stories are for another time :).

FAQ: Are my nails natural or fake?
Okay so I said my nails are long most of the times… in real life a lot of people ask me if they are my natural nails. Having length and a design on gets people confused, I suppose. To answer the question, yes these are my natural nails. I shortened them after I filmed the YouTube video (read this post to find out why) and it didn’t cross my mind to take a picture of them without nail polish on so that I could show you, but in the video I believe that it’s quite clear that they are not fake, tips, acrylic and so on.

FAQ: Do/Did I take any supplements for them to grow?
No. And I never will. I believe that those things are just a big fat lie. I didn’t take any vitamins or whatever either – my body actually lacks vitamins, especially vitamin B. But if I were to do anything about that, I would do it because I am concerned about my health (which clearly I currently am not) not because I need special “boosters” for my nails.
For your reference, it took my nails about 5 months to grow to the lengh they had in the video. It’s a long process but I am fine with it – I don’t stress myself out because my nails don’t grow faster, I just let them do their thing and that’s all.

FAQ: Care routine?
None. I do my nails once a week. I remove my nail polish, I file them a little bit, do something about my cuticles if I have to, apply nail polish again and top coat and that’s all. No base coat (which sucks because my nails became pretty yellowish from having nailpolish on 25/7 for the past 3 or 4 years). No special nail treatments. No long process of moisturizing or so on. What I jist wrote above is literally everything I do.

Before I shortened then I kept rocking the almond and then stiletto shapes. I did get a few questions on how to achieve that too. I had a video from back in the day where I kind of tried to show and explain I think, but I am terrible at explain and that was quite a fail. So I gave it another go at explaining and showing when I filmed, but I am also going to write about it. In order to achieve an oval/almond/stiletto shape, simply file your nails in a diagonal way. That means from where your nail starts growing out towards the very middle of the nail. Do this on both sides and do it little by little. It is very important to take your time and work on both sides as much as you can when you try to get these shapes, because it lowers the chances of making a mistake and file too much or not in the proper direction. I found that mistakes are quite hard to fix in this case.
I suppose this relates to shape as well… what pisses me off about my nails is that they don’t grow straight and beautiful like these fake ones. They usually bend/crook (not sure how to explain it) no matter what shape I go for or how long they are. Once they start growing a little bit -bam they start going down. On the stiletto shape it is a bit harder to tell for you, but if you feel like finding one of my posts/videos where I had square nails you will see what I am talking about..

I don’t think this interests many people but I believe that your manicure will look much better if your cuticles don’t stand out. Even though people with much more experience advise us not to cut our cuticles, I used to do that until about 6 or even 7 months ago. It worked fine for me and I didn’t stop cutting them because I decided to listed to others’ advice – I just got lazy and started using these cuticle oils. I’m not sure what their accurate name is. Most of the times I would just apply the oil on my nails and not even bother to push back these bad boys – my lazyness is insane, I know. Both methods worked just as fine for me and if I sit down and think about it… frankly cutting them and then applying a cuticle oil worked best for me. I would suggest you do what you find to work best for you.

So a lot of people ask me how do I grow my nails because theirs break and can’t seem to do anything about it…
If you struggle with this as well, then try filing them instead of cutting. I noticed that when I cut my nails not only do they break like crazy in the process, but they also tend to break more afterwards… where as if I file then they feel really hard/strong. My nails nearly never break anymore 🙂
Also – if possible – try to have nail polish and top coat on at all times. If you think about it… there are extra lawyers of something on your nails so they are basically stronger. I thknk? I hope I am making sense.
Also stop biting your nails! I noticed that people who bite their nails not only do they have… not so pretty nails but they also are fragile as heck.
This is irrelevant but I also believe that I am lucky to inherit good nails from my family 🙂 I remember that while growing up I always used to look at my mom’s and aunt’s long nails and wish that someday my nails would be like that too – lucky me.

Growth and Length
So I kept showing off that my nails are long and bla bla and I mentioned that I don’t do anything for them to grow faster. Not even my lifestyle/diet (bad eating habbits, actually) doesn’t help. So for me it’s all about time, I guess.

Do I watch out for certain ingredients?
Nope. I know how acetone-free nailpolish remover is supposed to be better. I also heard that nail polishes that have certain ingredients (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate – or DBP -, Toluene) should be avoided but frankly that sounds too complicated for me. I don’t like complicated life, so I don’t bother with reading what a product is made of. I like it, I get it. Simple as that.

I don’t always apply hand cream because I usually forgot to…unless my hands feel really dry. However I am random when it comes to hand creams and I don’t necessarily use those which are for ‘hands and nails’. Afterall, applying a moisturizing cream on your hands should somewhat moisturize your nails as well I suppose. Not keeping my nails moisturized at all time is not so great I suppose…but it’s not a problem for me.

So to wrap up this nail care routine post here are a few tips (or long stort short) 🙂

  • Try to file your nails instead of cutting them for some extra strength.
  • If possible try to have nail polish, top coat or, even better, both on your nails all the time.
  • I suppose that my nails are yellowish because I don’t use a base coat, so use some if you’d like.
  • I’m not going to tell you to avoid nail polishes that have this or that ingredient, but I am going to tell you this: AVOID nailpolishes that make your nails feel weird and not so normal. I am not sure how to explain but certain polishes will make my nails feel really dry and awkward and I noticed that these make my nails crook/bend even more than usual.
  • Keep your hands moisturized – not for your nails, but because you want to have beautiful hands. Besides, no manicure will look pretty if your hands look like a 80 years old’s.
  • Last but not least, don’t stress yourself because your nails aren’t growing over night. It’s going to take time and you should also keep in mind that some people’s nails grow faster than others’.

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask me! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read this post. I hope that you found it helpful!


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