Amsterdam, Day 3 | Museum Hopping!

Last full day in Amsterdam, better make it count! On my third day in this gorgeous city, I decided to go museum hopping. I have to admit, before I went to Amsterdam I didn’t know that this city had so much history and culture. It seemed like everyone I talked to just went to coffee shops. Now you know I tried a brownie from a coffee shop on my first night and I was not impressed. So I wanted to learn as much as I can about Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

The night before I’d made a list on my phone with all of the museums I wanted to visit. A quick look on Google Maps and you’ll see that Amsterdam has more museums than you can count, so you can imagine that my list was rather long.

Since the day before I’d arrived at Rijksmuseum (Art Museum) a little late, I decided I would go see it first. But I couldn’t have started my museum hopping day without breakfast. I found a café while I was heading towards Rijksmuseum and grabbed a bite there. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on Google Maps and I can’t remember what it was called…

The Art Museum was fascinating! First of all, it’s huge! I spent a little over 2 hours there, and I wasn’t even reading all the descriptions on the wall. And the detail of some of these paintings… it’s amazing! I mean, paintings from 400 years ago look so realistic it’s mind blowing. And when you think that my phone still doesn’t focus properly if my hand is shaky? Pshhh…

The Diamond Museum was right next to the Art Museum so I decided to check it out quickly. I read about how diamonds are made, different types of diamonds and admired some gorgeous jewelry.

I was planning to carry on with my museum hopping when I realized that I had yet to take a selfie in front of the canals. Yes, in case you missed Day 1 & Day 2 posts, taking a pic (or 20) in front of these gorgeous canals became a thing. Kind of.

You know what I really loved about Amsterdam? These PRIDE flags everywhere. I am straight, but I am open minded and I think gay people are as ‘normal’ as I am. Even funnier, and often times even better looking. But I work with a bunch of homophobic people. Oh, I’m not even going to start babbling about how close minded and ridiculous they are! What was I saying? Yes, PRIDE flags everywhere. You go, Amsterdam! It was good to see that, I don’t know, at least some people realize it’s 2017 and publicly support ALL types of sexuality.

Next on my museum hopping list was the Van Loon Museum. Or house. Oh, but what a house! I was amazed by the style, furniture and décor.

And of course, mirror selfies also became a thing during my trip to Amsterdam.

I was about to go find something to eat for lunch when I passed by this store. Look at the bottom right corner: ‘I kiss better than I cook’! HA! Hilarious! Unfortunately, I didn’t go check if it’s true, but it cracked me up.

And oooh, look at these cars! I am really excited to go to Cuba now! I don’t know what it is about old cars (I mean old school, not old as in my first car, a 17 years-old Clio) but I love them. And I am sure the ones in Cuba will look even more gorgeous!

Alright, I somehow made my way to this little square with Rembrandt’s statue. And behind the statue was the headquarters! If you don’t know this yet, I always use when I travel, so it was exciting to see where they’re based.

You know what? From my first day in Amsterdam I kept seeing everyone eat fries with mayo. I love me some fried potatoes, and even though fries and mayo were not news to me, I wanted to see why everyone eats them. You know, maybe there was something special about these fries? I don’t know. It was just fries with mayo. Yummy and filling enough to count as lunch. Time to carry on museum hopping now!

Did you know that Amsterdam has a Museum of Bags and Purses? Well I mean if you’ve been there before you probably knew, but I had no idea! That’s so cool though. They have bags/purses from as far back as the 16th century. That’s crazy, right? And of course, they also have some designer/collection bags from the more recent years. It was awesome to see how trends developed during the year and what women (and men) were using hundreds of years ago.

Next museum on my list was the Hermitage Museum. I visited the Romanov Collection and learned more about their history, then had a quick look at art from Amsterdam’s Golden Age. I also passed by the National Opera House, but I didn’t go inside.

It was getting chilly so I put my hoodie on… yep, change of outfit, time for a new selfie in front of the canals!

Another place that I really enjoyed was visiting Rembrandt’s house. It was interesting to see some of his paintings, his rooms and where he’d teach his students.

I wandered around Amsterdam until I made it back to my hotel. Here are a few shots I took on the way.

After I had a change of clothes, I planned on going to see Anne Frank’s house. I was told I have to check it out, but I didn’t manage to buy tickets online so I decided to try my luck and see if I can squeeze in without pre booking. Oh. My. God. The queue was RIDICULOUS!!! If you plan on visiting the Anne Frank House, you most certainly have to buy your tickets online ahead of time.

I figured I’d have dinner first and then go see if the queue was any better. I found another Italian restaurant, Amigo, which was only 2 minutes away from Anne Frank’s House, and I decided to stop there. One of my colleagues was telling me how much he loves pizza with anchovies, and since they were making this kind of pizza there, I decided to see if it’s any good. You know what, the pizza+anchovies mix was good. A bit too salty for my liking, but I’d eat it again. But oh man I forgot to tell the waitress that I don’t want any artichokes on my pizza. BLEH!!! Disgusting! Why do people eat this ish?

Okay, I finished a good 2/3 of my huge pizza, time to see how that queue looks. It was 8:45 pm (they close at 10) and the queue was still HUGE! I thought ‘I’m just going to miss it, then’… But then I checked online and they actually put a few more tickets for sale for the next morning! Yay! I’m not going to miss it after all. So I just decided to go back and have a walk around city center and Red Light District, and then called it a night.

And that wraps up my day of museum hopping in Amsterdam. Of course I didn’t get to see everything I had on my list, there’s waaay too much to see. But I was happy with the places I visited and new things I learned. And I still had half a day left to explore Amsterdam, so there you go.

I was also vlogging, so if you’d like to see everything I just talked about then check out the YouTube video below!


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