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Benefit Party Like a Rockstar Review and Swatches

The Benefit Party Like a Rockstar Christmas set would be a perfect gift for a makeup lover, or even yourself! I picked it up about a month ago and I finally decided to write a review about it. And show you some swatches!
My first high end makeup product that I bought myself… so exciting! I found it at Debenhams for 29.50 pounds, but I figured that I’ve been really wanting to try at least three of the products in the set for a really long time. I’ve always seen people talk about the Hoola bronzer, They’re Real! mascara and about the Porefessional, so I wanted to see what this hype is all about. Besides, there’s also a sample size of the Roller Lash and four eyeshadows that everybody would use a lot around the holiday season, so hey, why not get it?

I’ll start with the Porefessional first. I’m pretty sure that everybody already knows what it is, but if you don’t, it is a face primer that is supposed to minimize the aspect of your pores, thus making your foundation go on smoother and look better. I like it,my foundation looks great on top of it and lasts well throughout the day, but I don’t think it’s thaaat much better than my drugstore primers. But then again, I have pretty clear and alright skin, so maybe that’s why.
The Hoola bronzer is amazing. It’s a bit more on the neutral to cool tone side, so I love using it for contouring. It’s super pigmented – in fact the first time I used it I didn’t think I had too much product on the brush, but I ended up getting a hell of a contour line and had to blend it out for about 2 minutes. Now I know that I only need a little bit of product, and the brush that actually comes in the set is not that bad for sculpting your cheekbones! 🙂 You can find the full size Hoola Bronzer at Boots* as well as a mini size* if you want to try it out first.

The four eyeshadows are really lovely too. As I said earlier, I feel like these are perfect for this time of the year – golden eyeshadow (‘Guilt-y pleasure’), let’s be honest, who doesn’t abuse it during December? The dark brown (‘Kiss me, I’m Tipsy) is perfect for adding darkness to the eyes and the first eyeshadow (‘Call My Buff’) is great for highlighting the inner corners and brow bone. I like the grayish one (‘Thanks a Latte’) as well, and I feel like you can get 2-3 different looks out of these eyeshadows 🙂
One thing that impressed me was how well they last during the day. I use a primer before applying them and they stay on for as many hours as I need them to without creasing or fading away, looking just as nice and soft as if I’ve just done my makeup. Happy I got this Benefit Party Like a Rockstar set!
benefit party like a rockstar review and swatches

I am really glad I got to try out these same sized mascaras from the Benefit Party Like a Rockstar gift set.. I love how the Roller Lash* gives heaps of length to my upper lashes, while the They’re Real!* makes my bottom lashes look unreal – super long and full. However I feel like I had pretty high expectations from the They’re Real and I was expecting it to give me false-looking (top lashes) – it’s alright, but I didn’t get blown away. It adds nice volume and length, so it does the job.
On the other hand, the Roller Lash was a pleasant surprise. I’ve never looked much into it because I am usually not crazy about curled lashes. However when I saw that it’s actually lengthening I instantly fell in love with it. I don’t see it giving me much of a curl, but that’s alright with me.
I feel like the two mascaras aren’t that different: yeah, one is more lengthening and one is more voluminous and gives impressive bottom lashes but looking at the picture where I have them on side by side, there isn’t actually much of a difference. So if I were to recommend one, I’d say go for what you usually prefer: length or volume.
Now the only complaint I have about this set is that bloody sponge applicator in the middle. Why, just why?! You’d expect a high end makeup brand to know better than to throw in one of these cheap useless applicators. I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t really reach out for these.. and I would have totally paid a few extra quid for a cheap brush rather than having this inside. But oh well, I still think it’s a great set.. and an awesome gift as well!

So this is all for my Benefit Party Like a Rockstar Christmas gift set. I really hope some of you found this helpful!

I’ve also done a makeup look using the eyeshadows in it, you can click here to check it out 🙂

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