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Boots/Seventeen Long Lash Mascara Review & Demo ♡

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Today I am going to talk about Seventeen Long Lash Mascara. I saw this on Boots’ website and because I am always looking for lengthening mascaras I thought I’d give it a go. The before & after picture on the packaging caught my eye as well. This is pretty new and it retails for £6.99 but Boots* also has deals on their makeup so I ended up with a few more products from Seventeen, all of which I am really enjoying so far. Back to reviewing this mascara though…
My first impression was, ‘wow this is too natural and I’m not sure if I like it’. I feel like the first time I used it the brush/wand didn’t deposit a lot of product on my lashes and while it did give me nice length, I barely looked like I had much going on… and we all know I like my lashes to be bold and black! Speaking of the brush, the Seventeen Long Lash mascara has pretty regular size wand, a little more on the skinny side if you ask me.

I didn’t want to give it up on it though so I tried using it again… and again. And what do you know, I actually like it now. Not sure what happened that first time but now it makes my eyelashes really black and more bold. It can get clumpy at times though, which I know a lot of people don’t like, but I don’t particularly mind it.

I really like the results though. If I open my eyes wider my lashes get close to touching my eyebrows (which are pretty high) and that is always a good sign. It also makes them look fuller which is great. I know having a bold winged eyeliner isn’t the best thing to have on when I’m trying to show you exactly how well it works, but I hope you can get an idea.
seventeen long lash mascara review
My lashes have a bit of a natural curl, so I am not sure if this does much regarding that though. I would usually curl the lashes of one eye when doing a review & demo on a new mascara, but I somehow managed to forget that day…

What I love most about the Seventeen Long Lash mascara is that it lasts all day without transferring or smudging. I work 12 hours shifts, so on a normal day I probably wear it for up to 14-15 hours and I don’t have any problems. Also, it doesn’t affect my contact lenses in any way, it didn’t irritate my eyes or anything.

However I feel like there’s something missing from this mascara and I can’t put my finger on it. It is very light weight on the lashes, but I don’t think that is what bothers me about it. But oh well, as long as it lengthens I am going to continue enjoying it!
Bottom line, I think Boots’ Seventeen Long Lash Mascara is nice. I would definitely suggest looking up a few more reviews on it if you are on the market for a lengthening mascara 🙂

What lengthening mascaras do you love? I’d love some recommendations!

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