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Hey there! So today’s video is a bridal makeup tutorial ♡ I’m super excited because I created this look for a collab with my lovely friend MakeupByDamselshine from YouTube. She said it’s full wedding season in her country so we decided to come up with a bridal makeup. And the best part.. I used all drugstore products :)!! Hope you like it! xoxo

If you’d like to see how I got this look, you can keep on reading this post or watch the YouTube video below! 🙂

Okay so for this look I’ll go through all the steps rather than just skipping straight to the eye makeup.

For my foundation I used the Maybelline Fit Me foundation – such a beautiful and natural finish and I love how it looks in photos and videos. Another great drugstore foundation (which is probably my favorite at the moment) is the L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Matte foundation, which looks absolutely flawless.
I applied my new found love, the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, under my eyes in a triangle shape and blended that out, then I set everything in place with the Maybelline Fit Me Powder, which just like the foundation looks awesome. If you have trouble with setting powders looking too cakey/heavy under your eyes, I would suggest looking into this one.
In the video I mentioned I was feeling like I had no brows (probably because I don’t have good brows naturally, good job me for overtweezing them when I was younger!) so the first thing I needed to do was fill in my brows. I like to use a pen/pencil and then go in with brow powder and if necessary brow wax or anything else that would set them in place throughout the day/night.

Afterwards I wanted to add some color and glow back to my face, so I applied bronzer on my forehead, cheeks and also down my neck as I wanted to make sure that my face matches the rest of my body. And in order to add more defition, I went ahead and contoured – I know some people don’t like this technique and that’s totally fine, you can skip it! But I personally love contouring (especially for photos, I feel like it makes such a big difference) and even on a daily basis I would go ahead and do it.
Now, time for blush. Ever since I picked up the Milani blush about one month ago (click here to watch my beauty haul video and see what else I picked up) I have been pretty obsessed with it. I feel like it’s the prettiest blush I have ever tried (not that I tried that many though)! And then I highlighted my cheekbones quite heavily, and also only a tiny bit in the center of my forehead, bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow.

Time for the eye makeup now… yay!
I’ve always felt like pink looks so flattering on brides. Even if you are not a bride, a little bit of pink looks really good applied in the crease – you should try and see how you like it! Back to the topic though, I applied a pink eyeshadow in my crease, and it came out quite heavy/bright looking because I forgot that the Colour Chaos palette has some great pigmented eyeshadows, haha. No worries though, I feel like towards the end it looked way better than what I had in mind.
Then I took a creamy/white/beige eyeshadow and applied that from the inner corner of my eye towards the center of my lid. I also blended it into the pink in the inner part of my eye a little bit, so that it wouldn’t look as harsh.
Next I took a medium brown eyeshadow and applied that in the very center of the lid and blended it into the pink, a little into the light creamy eyeshadow I previously applied and also a bit towards the outer part of my eye so that the next eyeshadow that I applied afterwards, a dark brown, would go on smoother and easier to blend out. For these two eyeshadows, I placed the end of my concealer in the outer corner of my eye to get a sharper line (you can also use duct tape, but in that case I suggest doing your face makeup afterwards as tape can often take off some of your foundation, concealer and powder).
I reapplied some of that creamy color in my inner corner and also used it in order to highlight my browbone.

Then I went ahead and did my eyeliner – as always, went for black in the tight/waterline, but you can totally use something closer to your skin tone in the waterline if you want to make your eyes appear wider and brighter. I just love black on myself, especially since I already have quite big eyes, haha. I took a little bit of  a black eyeshadow to set my eyeliner in place (I would hate it if it smudged throughout the day/night) and also ran whatever was left on my brush as close as I could to the roots of my lower lashes. Then I went back to my blending brush and that medium brown shadow and smudged it under the lower lash line for a bit of color and also in order to make sure that the black doesn’t look too harsh or not blended properly.
Afterwards I went ahead and applied my liquid liner, mascara and also a pair of falsies. I always say you can skip falsies if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, but I like having really long and somewhat dramatic lashes so I went ahead and applied a pair of false eyelashes.
Lastly, lips. I feel like there’s quite a bit going on with the eyemakeup, so I think a nude or soft pink lip would look best with this makeup. I also reckon that a liquid lipstick would be better than a normal one, as it lasts (or should do) longer… I find it easier than having to reapply lipstick as soon as it starts wearing off. I wanted just a plain nude lip at first, but it somehow felt too nude… so to add some color I also applied a pink lipstick on top.

And that’s all for my bridal makeup look :). I’m looking forwards to hearing what you guys think!

MakeupbyDamselshine’s video:

Products mentioned/used:
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 120
L’oreal Infallible 24-hr Matte foundation – 13 natural beige
L.A. Girl Pro Conceal – Classic Ivory
Maybelline Fit Me Powder – 120
P.S. Love… eyebrow pencil – Brown
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shapring Kit
Makeup Revolution Chocolate Shimmer Bronzer
Makeup Revolution Go! Palette
Milani Baked Blush – Luminoso
Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush & Contour Palette – Golden Sugar
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix eye primer
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette
Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette
Black eyeliner from Physicians Formula Nude Eyes kit
P.S. Love… Liquid Eyeliner – Black
Jordana Best Lash Extreme
P.S. Love… False eyelashes – Volume
L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipstick – 113 Invincible Sable
Makeup Revolution Lip Lava – Tremor

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