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Easter Makeup and Hair Idea ♡

Hey there beauties! Today I have a super easy makeup & hair video 🙂 Happy Easter! xo
If you’re interested in seeing what I did, you can either watch the YouTube video below or keep reading this post for step by step details 🙂

Okay so I decided to keep the makeup quite simple and wearable. I started by applying a campagne color all over my lid and around the tearduct area to make my eyes appear bigger and brighter.… Continue Reading


How to ♡ Crazy heatless curls ♡ No tools needed

Check out these curls… they’re crazy! ♡ I love this method, it’s super duper easy and no tools are required! 🙂

So I discovered this way to curl my hair about a year ago and been doing this whenever I wanted to get some curls without bothering too much. And with no heat! ♡ And I got this from 12 chunks of hair only… imainge if I went for more, lol!… Continue Reading