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Christmas 2014 ♡ 2 Nail Tutorials: Christmas Tree and Random Holiday Nails

Hi there! So today I have another quick and super easy nail designs 🙂 I think they are pretty for the holiday season/Christmas and of course if you want to recreate them you don’t have to use the exact same things or type of rhinestones that I used – just go for whatever you would like 🙂
If you’d like to see how I did these nails you can watch the YouTube video or keep reading this post for step-by-step tutorial for both designs.… Continue Reading

Nail Designs

Christmas 2014 ♡ Reindeer Nails

Hey there! Since Christmas is in less than two weeks (yaaay!!) I am back with another nail tutorial for these of you who want a cute & fun design but that’s also really simple to (re)create.
I thought that these reindeer nails are really cute and go perfect for the holiday season 😀 So if you would like to see how I got them, then please keep reading 🙂

Or if you’d prefer, you can watch the first part of the YouTube video that will be linked at the bottom of this post and see how I achieved this nail design.… Continue Reading

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Fall/Thanksgiving Nails and Makeup Tutorial ♡

Hello loves! I don’t know much about Thanksgiving but I tried to come up with a makeup and nail tutorial 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving ♡!!!
In this post I will try to explain step by step everything that I did in order to achieve this look & nail design but you can also watch the YouTube video if you prefer 🙂
Enjoy, xo

Okay so let’s start with the makeup…
I applied a golden eyeshadow all over my lid.… Continue Reading

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Caviar and Animal Print on Stiletto Nails ♡

Hey loves! So today I have another nail tutorial and I am really excited about this one – I have never experimented with caviar on my nails so I am so happy that I finally got to try it out. I think this design came out super pretty and girly and I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts! Enjoy xoxo

Ok so I started by applying a white nail polish on my index, middle and pinky finger.… Continue Reading

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Sugar Nail Art on Natural Almond Nails ♡

I’ve been wanting to try this sugar nail art for so long – I can’t believe I finally did it! 🙂 I hope you enjoy watching ♡


Alright so for this nail design I thought it would be fun if I painted each nail a different color rather than having the same color on all of them – of course this is just my take on it.… Continue Reading

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Galaxy Design on natural Almond Nails ♡

Here’s a quick and easy galaxy design that I did on my natural almond/stiletto nails – no gel and no acrylic used  🙂 I hope you like it! ♡


Alright, well I have had a galaxy nail design on my nails in the past, but they were short and not almond shaped, so I decided to do this again 🙂 Especially since it’s such a beautiful yet really easy design!… Continue Reading