Nail Designs

Girly design ♡ White nails with colorful animal print

Today I felt like going for something girly and cute and that’s how I ended up with this colorful leopard print 🙂 I hope you like this tutorial! ♡

I thought a white base on my nails would be perfect for this design as it would look nice and simple while also making the colors I use later on stand out even more.… Continue Reading

Nail Designs

Sunset nails ♡ Tutorial ♡ Natural stilettos (no gel and no acrylic)

I decided to go for stiletto nails again ♡ I should have probably let my nails grow a little bit longer since some nails are more almond shaped than stilettos but it’s alright I suppose.
I wanted to go for a pretty and colorful nail design (but yet something really easy to do) and I figured that summer is pretty much around the corner, which reminded me of the beautiful sunsets and this is how I got my nails 😀

This design is super easy because the only thing you need is a sponge – which doesn’t require precision and blending the nail polishes into each other should be pretty easy for any beginner out there :).… Continue Reading