Hammamet, Tunisia | How Did I End Up There and Was It Good?

When I told people that I am going to Hammamet, Tunisia, most of them seemed a bit confused. I found that they had lots of questions along the lines of… ‘Why Tunisia?’, ‘Didn’t they have a terrorist attack there last year?’, ‘How do you always end up going to Arab countries?’ or ‘Is it safe there? Aren’t you scared?’. All I wanted was a nice, relaxing beach holiday, yet that rose a lot of questions from the people around me.… Continue Reading

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My Travel Makeup Bag: This is Why It’s Big But Actually Practical

Can you imagine that when I travel my makeup bag is one of the reasons why I always have to buy a checked in luggage? Yes, I am the kind of person that will always put on makeup before leaving the house. Especially when I go on holidays and I want to take a lot of pictures (and selfies) to have as memories.… Continue Reading


5 Odd Things I Do While Traveling | How Many Are YOU Guilty Of?

I love traveling. Probably a lot more than I love other things. However, I couldn’t help but notice that there are a few odd or bad habits I have when I am on holiday. I am pretty sure it’s nothing uncommon. And I bet you do some of these things too. How many odd habits are you guilty of when you go on a trip?… Continue Reading


Hurghada, Egypt | Excellent and Really Cheap Luxury Beach Holiday

For me, there’s nothing better than a beach holiday. As you might recall from my Cairo travel post, the idea to go to Egypt was quite random. I wanted another break and Egypt was one of the hottest places to go to in October. So I started looking at some hotels/resorts that wouldn’t be too far from the airport, and that’s how I decided to go to Hurghada.… Continue Reading


Cairo, Egypt | Why Did I Love This Amazing & Affordable Trip?

Weirdly enough Cairo or Egypt have never been the first thing that crossed my mind when I wanted to travel. To be honest, the idea to go to Egypt was quite random, actually. I just came back from Tenerife and I decided I need another holiday. When I searched where it is hot in October, Egypt was one of the first places that came up.… Continue Reading


Travel Diary: Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife | Perfect Summer Beach Destination

As I am getting more and more enthusiastic planning my summer holiday, I remembered what a good time I had last year when I visited Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. I was there for 7 nights in August and it was a great way to disconnect from the busy life and relax for a week.

I love beaches. A lot more than I love mountains and whatever else people refer to when they say ‘nature’.… Continue Reading


Travel Diary: Abu Dhabi | Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village, Ferrari World & More!

As you may be aware, I was recently in holiday in Dubai. And I figured I cannot go to UAE and not visit the capital, Abu Dhabi. I love big cities, and I much more prefer a capital over a quiet spot in nature. While I was searching online for things to do and top attractions, I managed to find a full day tour of Abu Dhabi, with hotel pick up and drop off from Dubai.… Continue Reading


Travel Diary: 5th day in Dubai | Helicopter Flight, Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium & Final Thoughts!

Would YOU pay £250 to fly in a helicopter to see Dubai and the Palm Island? Well, that’s what I did on my 5th day in Dubai. Except I managed to find a better deal and ended up paying about 75 pounds less for that.

See, when I was looking online for top attractions in Dubai the helicopter flight was the one thing that caught my attention most.… Continue Reading


Travel Diary: 4th day in Dubai | Moving Image Museum, Jumeirah Beach, Burj al Arab, Dubai Museum & Taking an Abra!

My 4th day in Dubai was pretty full, at least for the first part! If you’ve read my travel diary from the beginning of my trip in Dubai, then you would know that for the most part of my trip I planned ahead what I want to do and where I want to go. However on the 4th day I did not have any plans, I just knew I want to go to Dubai Museum and for the rest I pretty much just winged it.… Continue Reading