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Caviar and Animal Print on Stiletto Nails ♡

Hey loves! So today I have another nail tutorial and I am really excited about this one – I have never experimented with caviar on my nails so I am so happy that I finally got to try it out. I think this design came out super pretty and girly and I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts! Enjoy xoxo

Ok so I started by applying a white nail polish on my index, middle and pinky finger.

Then I applied a red nail polish on my thumb and ring finger nails. Of course you can choose to go for different colors if you’d like, but I thought white and red go nice together and are quite girly and cute.

caviar and animal printThe tricky part about the caviar is to apply it while your nail polish is still wet/tacky. Therefore, I would recommend doing one nail at the time to make sure it really sticks to the nail polish. Apply one or two coats as usual and then sprinkle the caviar on top. It will stick to your nails and you shouldn’t have to apply a top coat – I suggest not applying one anyway, as I figured on my nails it made the caviar look really weird and move around.

And then time for the animal print 🙂 I decided to do it only on my index finger (as you can see) and keep the two other nails simple just to mix things up a little bit and that my nails wouldn’t look too overwhelming, lol. So I took a toothpick and a black nail polish, drew some circles and then I filled them in with the red nail polish.


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And that’s all! Thank you for stopping by!



Products used:
Rapsodi nailpolish – 302 (white)
Orkide nail enamel – 646 (red)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 23 (black)
Gabrini 3d flat brush nail polish – 00 (top coat)
Caviar – Allura

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