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Christmas 2014 ♡ Reindeer Nails

Hey there! Since Christmas is in less than two weeks (yaaay!!) I am back with another nail tutorial for these of you who want a cute & fun design but that’s also really simple to (re)create.
I thought that these reindeer nails are really cute and go perfect for the holiday season 😀 So if you would like to see how I got them, then please keep reading 🙂

Or if you’d prefer, you can watch the first part of the YouTube video that will be linked at the bottom of this post and see how I achieved this nail design.

Okay so the first thing I did was apply a brown nail polish on all of my nails.
Then I took a red nail polish and I drew a quite big circle at the bottom of each nail. This will be the reindeer’s nose.
Using a white nail polish I then placed two smaller circles above the nose. As always, I am quite random and the nails are far from perfect looking, but they still came out cute in my opinion. Besides, I prefer to have people know that I did them myself, rather than getting a perfect-looking manicure at the salon.

Since I was already using the white nail polish, I also went ahead and drew a small line on each red circle – so that the nose would look more dimensional.
Using a beige nail polish I created some V-shapes on the very top of the nail – reindeers need to have horns, right :)?
And then with a black nail polish I just put a tiny little black dot on each white “eyeball”.
Apply a top coat if you want and that’s it for the design 🙂

I hope you like how these came out and thank you for stopping by!

Products used:
Rapsodi nailpolish: 354 (brown)
Orkide nail enamel – 646 (red)
Rapsodi nailpolish – 302 (white)
Flormar nail enamel – 114 (beige)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 23 (black)
Gabrini 3D Flat Brush nailpolish – 00 (top coat)

YouTube video:


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video/ blog post. All of these products were bought with my own money and I am not paid to feature them.

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