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Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation&Concealer Review

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Today I want to review the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. This is actually the first high end foundation I ever tried so needless to say I had hopes for the £25 price point. I’ve read a few reviews and seen a few first impressions on YouTube in which it seemed to do a pretty amazing job, and since I’m all about that full coverage life I decided it’s about time to see what the difference between a drugstore and a high end foundation is.

clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer review swatches 7 cream chamoisNeedless to say I ordered mine online* and the shade I ended up getting, 7 Cream Chamois, is actually a bit too dark. Why am I surprised? Well because the website I used to match my foundation said it would be for light skin with yellow undertones which sounds about right but I guess matching your foundation online is something that you do at your own risk and it can sometimes end up wrong. Am I still making it work? Hell yeah! At least it doesn’t oxidize. But hey, if you wanna go out and splurge, I would suggest pop into your local Boots* or Debenhams and check out the testers… that would be a much better idea.

Back to the foundation now. Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer is said to give you a natural, yet perfect looking skin and I totally agree with that. I don’t know what it is about it, but it covers everything while my skin still looks like skin. That’s pretty impressive, but on the downside you are able to see my pores after a few hours of wear, unless I use my Porefessional (I suppose any other pore minimizing/blurring primer would work just as fine). If I remember to prime though, it looks flawless! Check out my most recent YouTube tutorial, I think my skin looked amazing. Also, it doesn’t have any flashback (nor SPF) so it’s good for taking pictures/selfies.

Packaging wise, I like the glass bottle, it feels nice, heavy and somewhat expensive, however I wish it came with a pump. Not because I am concerned about bacteria, but because that’s my personal preference. They say one dip of the wand is enough to cover your entire face, but I find I have to go in 2-3 times to get enough product for my face and neck… or maybe I am just using too much.
Clinique says the foundation is suitable for all skin types, and I agree on that as well. My skin tends to lean a lot towards the oily side around my nose lately, but this lasts well throughout the day. I would say it performs even better than my L’oreal Infallible foundation, which since recently starts to separate around my nostrils after long wear… the Beyond Perfecting seems to stay in place though! The rest of my face is pretty normal, maybe sometimes a tad bit dry and it blends instantly and flawlessly. Also, they say the finish is natural-matte but on me it looks more dewy. It doesn’t transfer after it first sets, however I set my face with a powder anyway in order to get more wear out of my makeup and to make sure everything stays in place.

clinique-beyond-perfecting-foundation-concealer-7-cream-chamois-reviewDespite the fact that the oils around my nose don’t break the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation, it tends to sink into expression lines with certain primers. Worn alone it seemed to work best as far as expression lines are concerned, but then again my pores show… so I suppose it’s best to prime just in the areas you need, instead of all over the face like I do. However, since I bake the powder under my eyes, it doesn’t seem to sink into the fine lines there.

The longest I’ve worn it for was a little over 14 hours and overall I am really pleased! I’d say if you are looking for a new foundation and want to go for something that’s a bit more expensive this is worth checking out a few more reviews before you decide whether it may be something you like or not. I always say do your research before buying something, whether it’s £25 or not.

I hope you found this review helpful! Have you tried out the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer? What other full coverage foundations do you recommend?

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