Dark Lips & Bright Orange/Coral Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hi there loves! Today I have a bold orange eye makeup tutorial that I paired with some bold dark lips – it’s the first time I try to wear such a dark lip color so bare with me, lol. I think the black liner wasn’t a good idea but I like the outcome 🙂
If you’d like to see what I did then you can watch the YouTube video or keep on reading this post. xo

Okay so this is probably one of the easiest eye makeups that I’ve ever done – nothing fancy or difficult, I’m not even sure why I am writing a post on it LOL.
I applied a little bit of concealer on my lid so that my eyeshadows will have something to stick to.
Then I reached for my Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette (review) and I took the orange shad, “Tom Tom”, and I applied that all over the lid. I packed my brush with a lot of product ’cause I remembered that it wasn’t so pigmented when I swatched it but it actually showed up way brighter than I expected. Since it wasn’t exactly the shade I had in mind, I took the orange eyeshadow from the Matte Brights palette and I applied that on top.
Then I took the beige eyeshadow from the same Matte Brights palette and I used that o blend out the 2 orange colors in my lid. And on the lower lash line I applied whatever product was left on my blending brush.
Still not the right shade I had in mind, so I took the white and I used that to highlight and I also dragged it on top of the eyeshadows on my lid.
Then I lined my eyes and I applied 2 generous coats of mascara 🙂 That’s it for the eye makeup – easy right?
For my lips I took a black eyeliner. I thought that since it’s the first time I am trying to work with a such dark lipstick it would be best if I lined my lips first but frankly I think that black wasn’t the right choice – I should have gone for something lighter and a little bit softer or at least blend it with my fingers a little bit before applying the lipsticks, as I could see the line I drew after adding 100% Vamp from Makeup Revolution. However I realized that the line is showing pretty nasty so eventually I did blend it with my fingers (after I finished recording, mehhh).

And I think that’s all. I would like to know your thoughts, suggestions and if you’d like to see me wear dark lips more often 🙂

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette
Makeup Revolution Matte Brights palette
Physicians Formula eyeliner from the Nude Eyes kit
Essence Get Big Lashes – 3 triple black mascara
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – 100% Vamp

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