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Elegant Natural Stiletto Nails ♡

Hey loves! I just used some nail polish and a few rhinestones and I ended up with some elegant stilettos 😀 This is super easy if you wanna recreate it & no gel or acrylic was used ♡


Okay so.. this design couldn’t be any easier! Heck, you don’t even need a steady hand for it… which for me that is really helpful haha!

I applied black nail polish on three of my nails (pinky, ring and thumb) and a pink one on the other two nails. You can choose different colors if you’d like, but I wanted something girly -pink- and that can be quite elegant/fancy -black-. I wasn’t planning on going to any event or anything, but I like it when people notice my nails 🙂


elegant stiletto nailsSo let’s start with the easiest part first : doing the pinky and thumb nails. Apply a top coat so your rhinestones will stick to your nails. Then using a pair of tweezers, pick up a rhine stone and put it on your nail – I decided to put mine at the top, but of course you can do it differently :). And apply another layer of top coat just to make sure the little stone is locked in place.

On my index finger I took the black nail polish and created a french like manicure, then I placed three rhinestones between the pink and black.

On my ring finger I wanted to create a cute little bow, so I just applied rhinestones in sort of a two triangle shapes.

And lastly on my middle finger I just applied the rhinestones vertically, so that it would be different from all of the other nails 🙂 And that’s all!
Would you like to find out more about my nails and nail care routine? They’re all natural! 🙂 Click here to see me talk about the most commonly asked questions about my nails. 

Products used:
Rapsodi nailpolish – 310 (pink)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 23 (black)
Random rhinestones from an old pair of pants
Gabrini 3D nail polish – 00 (top coat)


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