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Wondering what makeup and skincare I have used up lately? Here is a list of my most recent 10 empty products. Unlike last time I did an empties post, today I am only going to talk about what I successfully managed to use up. I do however plan to declutter my collection soon, so keep an eye out for that!

#1 Olay Firm & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream (Retail Price £9.99*)
The idea is simple: it’s easier to prevent than to fix. That’s why I am all about anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle skincare, especially when it comes to night creams. I did love this cream for a long time, I managed to empty up about 3 jars in a year and a half. It is very nourishing mainly because it’s targeted for more mature skin, but after a while I grew out of it. Not sure if I found it to be too rich after using it for months, or I just needed to try something new, but I did not repurchase 4th time.

#2 Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer (Retail Price £25*)
Yes, yes and again yes! This was the first high end foundation that I tried, and I fell in love with it. I repurchased it in a lighter shade too, and it also made it to my 2016 favorites list. I always bring it with me when I travel (6/7 days this is what I wore when I was in Dubai) and it never lets me down. It photographs beautifully too.

#3 Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil (Retail Price £9.99*)
I repurchased this not long after I ran out of my Pura D’Or Argan Oil, as one of the 10 oils mixed in it is Argan. I like it, it leaves my skin nice and smooth but I didn’t see it do anything for my wrinkles or expression lines like the Pura D’or did. However I did repurchase another bottle (that is gonna be empty soon as well) and I still quite enjoy using it.

#4 Collection Lasting Perfection 16HR Concealer (Retail Price £4.19*)
I got this as it gets mentioned quite a lot in YouTube videos and by beauty bloggers. It’s very affordable and it does a good job, however I am more hooked on my Maybelline Age Rewind and/or Tarte Shape Tape so I am not going to repurchase, at least not now. However, you can see the wear and tear on the packaging, it looks so bad, haha!

#5 Nip+Fab Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix (Retail Price £20*)
Now this, I loved. They call it a skin perfecting night gel, and that is what it does. No, it also did nothing for the lines under my eyes, but I always woke up with smooth skin in the morning after using it! At first I found it kind of weird, because after you apply it, if you don’t use a face oil on top, your skin kind of starts to exfoliate by itself. It doesn’t make much sense, but I was pretty much rubbing the dead skin away with my fingers. It may sound gross, but my skin looks and feels amazing after using this. 1 jar empty, another one already in use!

#6 Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Retail Price £19 – full size*)
As I said in my 2016 favorites, at first I didn’t really see the hype around this mascara. And then I finally tried a sample. It does magic for my lashes and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t repurchase yet, simply because I have waaay too many mascara tubes open at the moment, but I plan to.

#7 NYX HD Studio Photogenic Translucent Powder (Retail Price £8*)
I think this is the only product from this list that I was rather happy when it was finally empty. It did not impress me that much. See, the thing is it works okay as a powder I suppose, but it’s really difficult to get it on the brush. It just doesn’t want to stick to the bristles and it flies everywhere. As far as baking goes, it didn’t work either… so I’m definitely going to pass on this.

#8 Primark/ P.S. Love… Brush Cleanser (Retail Price £2)
Raise your hand if you also dislike cleaning your brushes! Before I picked up this little gem, I used to wash all of my brushes with water and Dove, or whatever. Yeah, 30+ minutes of having my hands under cold water. Needless to say it didn’t happen very often! However with this brush cleanser from Primark it’s a lot easier. You just spray it on your brush, then rub it off on a towel or tissue paper. It cleans well, removes any stains of foundation/powder/eyeshadow from the bristles, it’s fast and usually you can go ahead and use the brush right away. It smells good too. I don’t think it deep cleans, but it is a life saver! I have 2 empty bottles laying around, so I need to throw them out and grab a new one!

#9 Collection Sheer Loose Powder (Retail Price £2.99)
This was the first loose powder I tried, so I did not have much to compare it to at first. It did a good job at setting, but it didn’t wow me for baking. On the bottom of the jar it says it is translucent, but it has a little bit of color (well, then again so does the Kat Von D translucent loose powder). However it does not add any coverage at all. It looks good on the skin and in photos and it doesn’t give a flashback, thankfully. I did enjoy using it, but I am using something a bit better at the moment.

#10 NuMe Argan Oil (Retail Price $39)
Yes, the addiction with argan oils started a couple years ago when I saw that it really improved the appearance of my fine lines and whatever. So I’ve been on the market for a good one ever since. I did like the NuMe one, it smells good, it feels nourishing on the face and it’s nice on the hair as well. I was a little bit put off by the long list of ingredients, and wasn’t sure whether or not I’m supposed to put it on my face (it is usually marketed as a hair oil). But I am glad I gave it a try. It smells lovely and felt really nice and rich on the skin. Always looked good in the morning after using it too. However I didn’t decide if I am going to repurchase or not.

And that’s it, 10 empty makeup & skincare products that I recently used all up. What products have you been loving lately? I would love to hear your recommendations! 🙂

Until next time…

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