Festive Season Makeup Idea ♡ Soft Rose Gold and Purple

I think that this soft rose gold and purple eye makeup is perfect for the festive season (it’s almost December, how crazy is that?!).Today I am going to show you how I got this look so I hope you enjoy reading and I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts! xoxo ♡
soft rose gold and purple makeup
As per usual I am not going to go into details regarding my face makeup routine as it would be too time consuming and I am going to jump straight into the tutorial.
I primed my eyes and then I set it with a creamy-white eyeshadow. Then I applied a very soft rose gold eyeshadow all over my lid – I am not very sure why on camera it looks a lot more gold and less rose, but looking at it in real life the shadow is a very beautiful rose gold color… and perfect for this time of the year! 🙂
Moving on to my crease color, I wanted to go for a muted purple – there is this eyeshadow in my Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette that I love using as a crease/transition color when I don’t feel like going for browns, so I just kept building it up until I was happy with the intensity.
I always thought that gold/rose gold and purple go perfect together, so on my outer corner area I packed on a pretty muted dark purple eyeshadow and then I used a blending brush to diffuse the color and make sure that there are no harsh lines. Of course, you can keep on adding more purple until you are happy with how pigmented/opaque it shows up.

I decided to run a brown shadow across my lower lash line. I would usually apply the colors I have on my lid/crease, but I wanted to do something different today. And afterwards I figured the look isn’t sparkly enough for this time of the year, so I went ahead and added a golden pigment on top of the brown. I think it goes nice with what I have on my lid and pulls the look together really well.
Then of course on to the same things I always do: black eyeliner in the water and tight liner, black and winged out liquid eyeliner on my lid, loads of mascara and then (optional!) false eyelashes.
To finish off the look I wanted to go for a pink lipstick. I think you can pair this makeup with a lot of different lip colors, but I wanted something that wouldn’t draw the attention from the eyes, so I used my Rimmel Provocalips in 200 I’ll Call You to make sure my lip color is vibrant and stays in place all day long.

And that’s all for my rose gold and purple eye makeup look! What colors do you tend to reach for around this season? Let me know and as always I am looking forwards to hearing your feedback!

I also have a tutorial up on YouTube for this look – I would love for you to check it out! 🙂

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix eye primer
Makeup Revolution – I Heart Passion palette
Tanya Burr Fairytale eye palette
Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments – Etiquette
Black eyeliner from Physicians Formula Nude eyes kit
Makeup Gallery Liquid eyeliner – black
Benefit They’re Real mascara – sample size from the Benefit Party Like a Rockstar Christmas gift set
P.S. Love… false eyelashes – Dramatic
Rimmel London Provocalips – 200 I’ll Call You

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