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Galaxy Design on natural Almond Nails ♡

Here’s a quick and easy galaxy design that I did on my natural almond/stiletto nails – no gel and no acrylic used  🙂 I hope you like it! ♡


Alright, well I have had a galaxy nail design on my nails in the past, but they were short and not almond shaped, so I decided to do this again 🙂 Especially since it’s such a beautiful yet really easy design!

I started by applying two coats of black nail polish on all of my nails and let that dry very well.

galaxy nailsThen I used a white nail polish on a sponge (you can use any sponge you have in handy, this was actually cut out of a dish washing sponge haha) and I just dabbed that randomly on top of the black. I kept everything very random because I reckon the universe doesn’t look perfect or all the same… so I  wanted my nails to look quite different from each other as well.


Then I used a blue nail polish on another side of the same sponge and I placed that in different places on my nails. At some point it does blend in with the white or with the blue, which is great, I like the effect it gives. Keep in mind that if you want to recreate this nail design you don’t have to use the exact same colors I do, it would look just as amazing with other colors.

And then I took a pink nail polish and pretty much repeated the same thing.

To finish off the design I used a glittery clear nail polish – mine had quite small chunks of glitter, I think I would have preferred it more with bigger glitter instead, but it’s all right.

And that’s all!


My nails are natural! Click here if you’d like to read more about my nails, nail care routine and most frequently asked questions.

Products used:
Medusa isabella nail polish – 23 (black)
Rapsodi nailpolish – 302 (white); 310 (pink)
Gabrini nail polish – summer collection – C 06 (blue)
Prestige nail polish – 278 (glitter)
Gabrini 3D nail polish – 00 (top coat)

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