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Girly design ♡ White nails with colorful animal print

Today I felt like going for something girly and cute and that’s how I ended up with this colorful leopard print 🙂 I hope you like this tutorial! ♡

I thought a white base on my nails would be perfect for this design as it would look nice and simple while also making the colors I use later on stand out even more.

Therefore, I applied a white nail polish on all of my nails and waited for it to dry.

girly animal print nailsThen I took a pink nail polish and I placed dots quite randomly on my nails using a toothpick – if you have a nail brush or other kind of nail tools, go ahead and use that :). At first the dots were a little bit small so I figured they wouldn’t show up as nice as I want them too – so keep in mind not to make the dots too small.

I also used a purple and orange/coral nail polish to create more dots on my nails as I felt like it would look more girly and less plain – but using only one color for the animal print would be just as good.

Once you are happy with how many dots you have on your nails, take a black nail polish and outline everything (I used the same toothpick). I couldn’t be bothered to outline them perfectly, and I think that’s what made the design even more cute – if you think about it, animals don’t have their print look the same all over their body, so being quite messy made this nail art more fun, realistic and cute in my opinion.

Last but not least, apply a top coat to seal everything in place and you’re good to go 🙂

Products used:
Rapsodi nail polish – 302 (white); 310 (pink); 334 (purple)
Medusa Isabela nai l polish – 76 (coral); 23 (black)
Gabrini 3D nail polish – 00 (top coat)

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