Grunge -ish Christmas Makeup Look

Hey there! I don’t know much about the grunge trend but the smoked out brown/red eyeshadow on the lower lash line made me think about that 🙂 I hope you like this look! ♡
If you are interested in seeing how I got this makeup then you can watch the YouTube video or keep reading this post for a step by step tutorial 🙂

Okay so I started by applying a beige eyeshadow as a transition color and all the way down to my crease.
I forgot to do this first but it’s okay… I applied a tiny dot of my Rimmel London wake me up concealer on the lid and I blended that with my finger – this will help cancel any discoloration and also make the colors appear brighter.
Then I applied a very dark olive green eyeshadow all over the lid and I went quite heavy handed. Besides my brush was a little bit wet and the eyeshadow came out even more pigmentented. However it looks rather like a gray on camera, lol.

Next I applied a bright yellow eyeshadow in the center of the lid. I blended it a little bit, but wasn’t really focusing on that.
Using a blending brush I applied a brown eyeshadow on my lower lash line. Again, I went quite heavy handed and I smoked it out a lot. And on top of it I added a red eyeshadow and of course blended that out – pretty much all over the place :).
I also applied that brown eyeshadow in my crease to help me blend later on. And since dark green wouldn’t blend into my light brown eyeshadow that easily, I also used a very dark brown eyeshadow and applied that right in the very crease and I made sure that there are no harsh lines or anything.
Next I reapplied the green eyeshadow on the outter and inner corner since it lost intensity from all the blending. And also reapply the yellow eyeshadow – I used both a brush and my finger to apply it and then to blend it into the green a little bit. I feel like I am saying “blend” a lot, lol.
I also went back with all of the blending brush that I used to apply and smoke out the colors in my crease and made sure that everything is nice and smooth.

Then I lined my eyes using a gel eyeliner. I did a wing, but you can skip that step if you’d like.
I used a white eyeshadow to highlight my browbone and then applied a black eyeliner on my tight and waterline.
I applied mascara and I also threw on a pair of natural looking falsies, but you can skip that if you don’t like of don’t feel comfortable wearing false lashes.
Lastly, I applied some more of that light brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line and that’s it :).

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
88 eyeshadow palette
Quad from Sunkissed cosmetics (these have no name/numbers, sorry)
Music Flower long-wear gel eyeliner – black
Black eyeliner from Sunkissed
Mascara from my Physicians Formula Nude Eyes kit
Falsies – ???

On my lips: Lipstick from Sunkissed Cosmetics (again, no name/number/shade…)

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video/post!

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