GRWM Clubbing ♡ Black/Dark Smokey Eye Tutorial

Get ready with me for a partyyyy! 🙂 I went for a black smokey and nude lips 😀 Enjoy ♡
If you’d like to see how I got this look then you can keep on reading this post or check out the YouTube video 🙂 xx

Okay so for this makeup look I started by blending a taupe eyeshadow in my crease. I hear a lot of people saying that it’s best to start with the lighter shades first and then apply the black so that’s what I am doing. I am also applying that eyeshadow on my lower lash line and smudging it out. Actually, all of the eyeshadows I am applying on top I am going to run them on the bottom as well.
I figured it would be cool to have a color that warms up the look a little bit so I am applying a bronzer from my Blush&Contour palette as a transition color. If you don’t feel like doing that, then by all means skip this step. Anyway, I applied that color on the lower lash line too.

I took the white eyeshadow from the Iconic 2 palette and applied it under my browbone. I will use another highlight shade later on though so this isn’t necessary.
Time to go dark, yaay! I took the darkest brown eyeshadow from the palette and applied it all over my lid (and on my lower lash line). Then I blended it with the colors I had in my crease.
Next (finally) black eyeshadow. I used another brush and applied it all over my lid on top of the brown. I also applied a quite generous ammount of that on my lower lash line. Then blend blend blend. I noticed that blending made the black look…. well, less black so if you want a full on black smokey eye you can go back and build the color up a little bit more but I thought it was fine just like this :).
DSCN6997Then I took a shimmery white/beige eyeshadow on a pencil brush and highlighted my inner corner and my browbone – the look was a bit too dark even for me so I needed to add something to make my eyes pop again.
I lined my eyes using a liquid liner and as usual I went for a wing – you can keep it simple if you’d like though.
Now it’s time for a c-c-crap load of mascara. I used my Makeup Revolution mascara first and then the Physicians Formula on top – I love this combo and I feel like it gets me awesome lashes. Add falsies if you want, I did that off camera because a dramatic look kind of requires dramatic lashes, hehe.
Moving on to the complexion… I bronzed the heck out of my face (as usual) using 2 shades from the Blush & Contour palette and then I added a little bit of blush too. Next I contoured under my cheeckbones & jawline, my forehead and also my nose a little bit. And of course don’t forget about highlighting! 🙂
Last but not least, time for the lips. I used “The One” by Makeup Revolution and while I could leave it just like that, I decided to add a lip gloss on top of it as well 🙂
And that’s it – ready to party now 🙂

I hope you like this makeup tutorial and I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts!

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Makeup Revolution – Iconic 2 palette
Makeup Revolution – Ultra Professional Blush and Contour palette – Golden Sugar
Black liquid eyeliner – ??
Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl mascara – black brown
Physicians Formula mascara from the Nude Eyes kit
N lashes (not shown)
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – The One
Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss tube – Not naive (black friday gift)

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This is not a sponsored video/post. Except for the lip gloss tube, all of the products I used for this makeup look were bought with my own money and I am not paid to feature them.

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