Halloween 2014 ♡ Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Time for some Halloween tutorials! ♡ I hope you guys enjoy this zombie makeup 😀 ♡


So I already had foundation on my face and then I used a quite light powder on my face to make my skin look really pale… and not healthy, sort of.

I took a black liner and outlined all my eye area, starting from the bottom of my dark circles all the way up to my brow bone and then I used a black eyeshadow to fill that area in.

I contoured my nose and the rest of my face with the same black eyeshadow but I didn’t really put much effort into blending things out… zombies don’t have time for blending, do they?


Took that black eyeliner again and drew a bigger, creepier mouth. And then I used a white eyeliner to draw some teeth for my new mouth. I outlined the teeth with the black eyeliner, then filled them in with the white one. I applied a little bit of white eyeshadow on top of the teeth to make them look even brighter and then I filled in the rest of that mouth area using the black eyeshadow.

Lastly, I pretty randomly placed some of that white eyeshadow on my face then took a red lipstick and drew some random lines in attempt to make it look like blood – not the most realistic outcome, but hey, I like the overall result :).


And that’s all for today’s tutorial! This is my first Halloween makeup I’ve done and I am really proud of how it came out! I hope you like it as well.

The design I had on my nails:

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Rimmel London – Liquid stay matte mousse foundation – 303 True nude
Ruby Rose powder – HB 90 – Light beige
Eyeshadows from Ruby Rose palette – HB 2515B
Virtual long lasting eyeliner – EL 01
Avon white eyeliner
Avon lipstick


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