Halloween 2015 ♡ Joker Makeup Tutorial

Yay for another Halloween tutorial! Today I went for a Joker inspired look and I am so proud of how it came out! ♡ I really hope some of you can get some inspiration from this makeup, it was super easy and quick to do as well 🙂

If you’d like to see how I got this Halloween look, then you can watch the YouTube video below or keep on reading this post for step by step details. Enjoy! ♡

Okay so I started with a bare skin as I wanted to apply a white face paint – I feel like this goes perfect for a Joker look, but of course if you don’t have a white face paint or don’t want to use one, you don’t have to. I found a white&black paint kit at Poundland though so I had to pick it up – comes in handy for all the Halloween looks I want to do.
Once my face was all white (used two layers just to make sure it’s very opaque) I went ahead and filled in my eyebrows with a green eyeshadow. When I was looking at Joker pictures online I noticed that in some pics he doesn’t really have eyebrows (or they’re just blended with the black around his eyes) but most people choose to go for green brows when recreating the look. So I wanted to do that as well, looks kind of cool if you ask me :D.

Then I took a dark grey eyeshadow and contoured my cheeks (and nose as well a little bit). This time not as much for the sake of contouring, but I felt like it would help make my face look a bit older once I was done with everything else.
Now time for the very attractive Joker black eyes. I just packed on a lot of black eyeshadow – I possibly could have done better with the opacity, but I wasn’t going for a perfect or neat look though.
As I was mentioning a second ago… I wanted to make my face look old. So I took a little bit more black eyeshadow on to a small precision brush and drew some lines on my forehead as if I had wrinkles. And also a few lines between my eyebrows to make it seem as if I am angry/frowning.

Did I say attractive black eyes? We all know that the best thing about Joker is the mouth! I applied a vibrant and deep red liquid lipstick as I normally would then I used a lip brush to draw that super happy (LOL) big smile.
I felt it would look even better if I added some fake blood… I know Joker is not bleeding (I think so, at least) but then again this is my own take on it and I just wanted to have fun :D. So fake blood it was! And then added a bit of black eyeshadow on top here and there to give everything more dimension and make the lips look more realistic.

For some reason I felt like my eyebrows weren’t dark enough, so I picked a darker green shade from my Colour Chaos palette.
Last but not least, little bit of mascara! I feel like no look would be complete without mascara 🙂

And there you have it 😀 My take on a Joker inspired makeup.
I would really like to hear your opinions, so let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
White face paint –  Fright Nite: Ghoulish Make Up kit (poundland)
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette
Eyeshadow quad by Sunkissed Cosmetics (this has no name/number on it, sorry…)
Makeup Revolution Lip Lava liquid lipstick – Firestorm
Fake Blood – Fright Nite: Fake blood tubes (poundland)
Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up mascara

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