Halloween 2015 ♡ Stitched Doll SFX Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is getting close so I decided to have some fun and play around with makeup: today I came up with this stitched kind of doll tutorial – this is my take on it and while it may not be perfect or unique, it’s all drugstore, super easy and I had fun filming this 😀 I hope you like it and don’t forget to let me know what you think! 🙂

If you want to see how I achieved this look you can keep on reading this post or check out the YouTube video below to see everything I did 🙂 Enoy ♡

Okay, well I already had on an everyday kind of makeup on my face before I started working on this tutorial. You can go ahead and choose to go for a more dramatic dolly-like eye makeup or keep it really natural… even no makeup at all, it’s all up to you.
The first thing I did was remove everything I had on my lips – I applied a lot of lip balm to be able to quickly take off my Provocalips and then a makeup wipe to get rid of everything. Then I decided to apply concealer on my lips to make it look like I’m sick/dying/in a lot of pain.. or well, that’s what no colored lips that blend in with the rest of my skin make me think of. I also set the concealer with a powder, but that’s optional I guess.

Now for the fun part, yay! I took some eyelash glue that dries clear and placed small dots around my lips. Then I took some black thread and stuck that to my face as if someone attempted to sew my lips. This is the part that could come out a lot more neat, but as I said in the beginning, I didn’t mind it not being perfect. You can take your time or even use a pair of tweezers for a more precise application – but patience is something I lack so that’s why it came out a bit messy.
Anyhow. I decided to add more stitches to my face, so I repeated the same thing on my forehead.

Then I took a makeup setting spray, spritzed that on my eyes and then rubbed my mascara and eyeliner to make it look as I’ve been crying.
And again I felt like adding more stitches, so I did that on my cheek as well. If you get any inspiration from this look, remember that you can keep only the lips stitched, add more or less and don’t have to add thread to any of the areas I did – I just went for what I thought would look cool on me, but you can do whatever you like :).

Afterwards I wanted to make everything look more realistic and dimensional. I took a red eyeshadow first (and then a black one) and added small dots around the stitches… to mark where I thought the thread would come out/go inside my skin. I also used these eyeshadows under my eyes to make it seem as if I am tired and/or bruised.
Of course that wasn’t enough so I had to add a red liquid lipstick (if you have fake blood, go ahead and use that – if not, even a normal lipstick should work fine) to make it look as I’ve been bleeding. Once I was happy with how that looked I went ahead and added a bit more of that black eyeshadow on top of the red lipstick  to make it look more dimensional, realistic and as if “the blood” is starting to dry.

Last step is totally optional: adding false eyelashes. Before I sat down and began working on this look, I pictured a stitched doll. And I think the falsies I used give a dolly-like effect 🙂 But of course I managed not to apply them perfectly (if you click to enlarge the first picture you’d see) so that again it would seem as something is wrong with me.

And that’s all for my stitched doll Halloween tutorial.
I really am looking forwards to hearing all your thoughts/opinions and suggestions so don’t forget to leave them down below! 🙂

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Products used:
L.A. Girl Pro Conceal – Classic Ivory
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder – 001 Transparent
Kabuki face brush by Allura
P.S. Love… false eyelashes – Dramatic (the lash glue I used on my face comes with them 🙂 )
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix – Oil Control Fixing Spray
Eyeshadow quads by Sunkissed Cosmetics (these have no names/numbers on them, sorry…)
Lip Lava liquid lipstick – Firestorm

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