How to ♡ Crazy heatless curls ♡ No tools needed

Check out these curls… they’re crazy! ♡ I love this method, it’s super duper easy and no tools are required! 🙂

So I discovered this way to curl my hair about a year ago and been doing this whenever I wanted to get some curls without bothering too much. And with no heat! ♡ And I got this from 12 chunks of hair only… imainge if I went for more, lol! Now I know I left my hair like this for way too long (18-20 hours, give or take) but the results are still surprising even after a couple hours 🙂 I love this. No heat, therefore no damage, but yet my hair looks awesome. Quick, easy, simple and pretty – yay! ♡


So I started by splitting my hair into two sections, top and bottom, tying/clipping the top part away. Then I split the hair in another two sections and brought it in front so I can see what I am doing.

heatless curls I took a quite big chunk of hair and sprayed it with some water – this will help get the curls rather than doing it while your hair is completely dry. Besides, this technique seems to only work when the hair is damped, otherwise the hair will not hold.

Then (this is the hard part to explain) twist the hair around your fingers once and then twist it around itself (I think you’d understand better if you see what I am doing in the video). When you get to the bottom part make sure you have quite some hair left to work with, take the hair between your fingers and pull it. Told you it doesn’t really make sense, but I hope the video is pretty clear for everybody to be able t tell what I am doing.

And I just repeated the same thing with the rest of my hair – now as I said I left mine in overnight (hence the curls look so crazy and intense), but it works just as fine if you leave the curls to dry only for a few hours. So if you want to go out somewhere, do this before sitting down and doing your makeup and you should be all set!

The design I had on my nails:

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