How to: Heatless curls ♡

I almost always straighten my hair and these days I decided to go for curls… especially since I was going to a party 🙂 But I decided to not to use any heat in order to get my curls. And since I had some leftover rags from a tshirt I cut for a DIY project (link to the video below) I figured that I can use that to get my heatless curls ♡ Do you like how they came out? 😀 I also use another method to get curly hair and that requires no tools, would you like me to make a video on that as well? Let me know ♡ xox

The great thing is that since it’s prom and graduation and partying season, you can get really nice looking curls without damaging your hair or spending a lot of money at the salon… ain’t that awesome? 🙂


heatless curlsWhat I love about this technique is that the curls came out really pretty (Click here to check out how to get insane crazy heat less curls without any tools!) and more put together than the other way I’ve been using to get my curls lately. Besides, I bet all of you have an old piece of clothing that you don’t mind cutting/tearing apart – looking at the results I’d say it’s worth it :)! Especially since it’s way less damaging than using a curling iron or other hot tools to get the curls.

Let me know what you think about this! Have you tried it out? What other heat less curling techniques are you aware of? I’d love to know 🙂

Click to watch:
The DIY video I mentioned: Upcycle your old t-shirt and shorts
How I got the design I had on my nails

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