Khloe Kardashian inspired Makeup Look ♡

Hi there loves! 🙂 Today I have a makeup tutorial on this blue smokey eye inspired by a look that Khloe Kardashion wore a couple months ago – loved how it looks on her and I decided to try it myself 😀 I hope you like it! ♡

If you’d like to see how I achieved this look, you can watch the YouTube video below or keep on reading this post for a step by step tutorial!

As always I have already done my foundation routine before starting with the eye makeup. I primed my eyes and then I applied a white eyeshadow all over my lids to make the colors I’m about to use next appear a bit brighter.

Next I applied a light cool tone brown eyeshadow in my crease to make blending a little bit easier :). Khloe didn’t seem to have a lot going on in her upper crease area, that’s why I decided to go for a more natural looking shadow.

Now time for that blue eyeshadow – yay! I applied it in my crease using what people call a windscreen wiper motion (I think?). Basically I pretty much followed the shape of my eyes and kept the eyeshadow rather round this time, but I tried not to apply too much product in the inner corner area. Keep building that color up until you are happy with the intesity and also pop it across the lower lash line 🙂

I went back to that taupe/cool brown eyeshadow as the blue looked a bit harsh in my crease and I softened the look a little bit. After all, I wanted this to be a quite glam makeup, not to look like my eyes are bruised haha.

In the center of her lid Khloe seemed to have a sparkly whiteish (maybe light silver) eyeshadow so I applied a similar color there, as well as highlighted my inner corner and browbone with it (even though she didn’t seem to have a glittery eyeshadow on her brow bone.. oh well!, it’s just an inspired look, not recreation :D). I also touched up on the blue eyeshadow a little bit and made sure it blends nicely into the silver-ish color I applied in the center of my eyes.

In her water&tightline she seemed to have a black liner – yasss!! Just how I like it, hehe. However she had no liner on her lids, so I skipped that step for this look.

Next I applied some mascara and also added a pair of my favorite lashes – long and sexy, just like the Kardashians usually wear :D.

I have contoured and bronzed my face before I started this makeup look, but I decided to do my blush and highlighter on camera this time – I applied a peach blush that I recently got my hands on (click for the Haul video) on my cheeks… Khloe seemed to have a blush that was more on the peach and neutral side as well, so my blusher was perfect for this look :). However out of the Kardashian sisters she looks like the one who doesn’t go extra heavy with highlighters, so I kept it quite subtle…ish.

Now time for the lips… I feel like hers were a bit overdrawn, so I did overdraw my lips as well which is unusual for me… but I started to like how it looks and do it more often haha. Then she seemed to have like a peachy-pink-nude color on her lips, therefore I applied a peachy nude first, and topped that off with a pink liquid lipstick. I loved the color combo and I feel like in real life it looked closer to what she had going on in the picture rather than on camera/in photos though.

And that’s all for my Khloe Kardashian inspired makeup look 🙂 I really like how it came out and I hope you do too… let me know! x

My foundation, contour, highlight and eyebrows routine:

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Kabuki brushes from Ebay
Makeup Revolution I love Makeup – I Heart Passion palette
Makeup Revolution Kajal – Black
Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara – Ultra black
P.S. Love… false eyelashes – Sultry
Makeup Revolution blusher – Treat
Makeup Revolution Go! palette
Pink lip liner by Sunkissed cosmetics (it has no name/number 🙁 )
Makeup Revolution Lip Lava liquid lipstick – Forgiven, Tremor (on top)

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