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Kylie Lip Kits: 8 Sets from Aliexpress | Review & Swatches

Kylie Lip Kits are probably some of the most popular makeup products at the moment. I have to admit I was curious to see why so many people rave about them (or absolutely dislike them), but then at the same time I didn’t want to pay $29 for a set of lip liner & liquid lipstick, no matter how awesome people say they are.

That’s when I decided to jump on Aliexpress and try to find something similar at a much more affordable price. Yes, I am aware that buying fakes can have its own risks and it’s not the real product, but after doing some research I decided to take a chance. I found 8 of the Kylie Lip Kits for $23 and I placed an order. Besides, I’ve never been one to pay attention to ingredient lists, and what would of been the worst thing that could happen – a cold sore?

Fast forward to now, I am really happy with my purchase. If you read my 2016 Makeup Favorites post, then you remember that I briefly mentioned that Mary Jo K, Candy K or KoKo K were the shades I reached for the most. I think the quality is fantastic and they last a really long time, which is what I am looking for in a liquid lipstick. They look gorgeous on the lips, don’t exaggerate the fine lines and they don’t transfer either. The liners are very creamy and really pigmented as well, and I often find myself reaching for them even if I decide to wear a different lipstick on top. The liquid lipsticks come with a standard doe-foot applicator and luckily none of them were broken/damaged – you may recall some people had issues with her lip glosses where the wand was a hot mess, but these were fine.
As far as the cons go, I am not impressed with how the lip liners don’t really match the color of the liquid lipstick. Not only the color doesn’t match, but sometimes it’s a completely different undertone than the lipstick itself. However I can overlook that, as the liquid lipsticks are very pigmented and cover the liner anyway. Another con is that if your lips are more on the chapped side, you might find them to start feeling a bit dry and possibly crumbly after 6+ hour of wear. However, a good lip care routine or simply just reapplying the product would fix that.

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘KoKo K’
Probably the one I reach for the most, especially if I am going on a night out. On me it is a very flattering pinky nude and it’s very easy to pull off, no matter what eye makeup I go for, which means it’s also a great everyday shade. What I love most about it? It always gets me compliments!

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Candy K’
This is pretty similar to KoKo, except Candy K is a little bit darker, more vibrant and it has a tad bit more of a mauve undertone. Again, perfect for day or night looks.

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Dolce K’
Dolce K is gorgeous! I would describe it as a medium brownish nude that is very easy to pull off and very flattering on my skin tone. I love this kind of color, and it’s not too dark which makes it perfect for wearing it casually.

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Posie K’
Another favorite, that’s for sure. I thought it would be my-lips-but-better type of a color, but it’s actually so much more than that. Way more pinker and more vibrant than my lips, this brightens up my complexion beautifully.

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Mary Jo K’
I believe I said it before, but red lipsticks aren’t something that I would normally reach for. I wasn’t so excited about this one, but it turned out to be love at first sight. Or well, first wear. It’s a gorgeous deep, blue-toned red, very flattering and wearing it gives me a lot of confidence. Love, love, love it!

Kylie Lip Kit in ’22’
Believe it or not, this is the only shade I haven’t got around to wearing. Yes, I owned this for more than half a year and I never put my hands on it apart from when I did the swatches. While Mary Jo was a big hit for me, I feel like a burnt-orange lipstick is not exactly up my alley. But hey, who knows, maybe at some point I will start getting more adventurous, especially seeing how beautiful it swatches.

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Kourt K’
Another color that I am not so sure about. I wore it once and looking up close at my lips, the color was gorgeous. Looking at my face as a whole, I am not sure it suits me that much. I love how it is bold, dark and makes me wanna step out of my comfort zone, but at the same time I wish it wasn’t SO dark. It is a little patchy too, but I am not giving up hope on it, I have to find a way to make it work!

Kylie Lip Kit in ‘True Brown K’
I would say I saved the best for last, but actually this one didn’t get as much love as the lighter shades, simply because it’s not a color I would reach for when I go to work or grocery shopping. I absolutely love the shade (still trying to figure out when did I get into brown lipsticks??) and even though it’s dark and bold it’s actually not too hard to pull off. Side note, in the picture it looks like it has a cold undertone, which is not the case – thank you flash light…

Overall I think my fake Kylie Lip Kits from Aliexpress were a hit. I’m happy with the color range, how they perform and how they feel on my lips and I am looking forwards to getting more shades at some point this year. My only wish is that the liners would match the actual lipsticks…

Have you tried any of Kylie’s Lip Kits? Originals or fake? Would you buy a fake item from the internet just because you don’t want to pay too much for the real product? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Until next time… xoxo,

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8 thoughts on “Kylie Lip Kits: 8 Sets from Aliexpress | Review & Swatches

    1. Hey, I just went through my order history now and the link is not available anymore. The purchase is from June last year so that’s probably why.. It shows that the seller was ‘Luck Alice’ but unfortunately that page doesn’t work either… I would just search ‘Kylie Lip Kits’ on the website, however be careful and read a few reviews before buying dupes/fakes!


  1. I was always skeptical about buying products from Aliexpress. You have no clue how many times i have added stuff to cart and then closed my browser without proceeding further. But now, after going through your review, I guess I’ll be finally placing an order with Aliexpress. Just cant wait to try these..


    1. I was a bit skeptical too, especially since I couldn’t check out with PayPal. I was more concerned about the information rather than the actual products haha! However I suggest looking through the reviews on each product, as on social media I was told quite a few horror stories about fake cosmetics.


  2. Wow, liners are completely deifferent ;O I think I prefer to buy one original Kylie lipstic than 10 lipstics from Aliexpress, because I always have many problems with Alie lipstics and I’m not a fan of Chinese makeup 😉



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