Halloween 2015 ♡ Leopard Makeup Tutorial

I’ve decided what I am going to be this year for Halloween: a Leopard :D! I have been getting too many compliments on this look so I am not even considering the more scary ones I’ve done for fun.

Anyway, hey there! How rude of me not to say hello in the first place 🙂

This is a makeup tutorial that I have done for a collaboration with one of my very good YouTube friends, Marzuka (a.k.a Crazy Makeup Lover). I went for a leopard, obviously, and she came up with a really cute mermaid look. Her video will be listed down below, but for now I hope you enjoy my tutorial 🙂


You can either watch the YouTube video below or keep on reading this post to find out everything I did – it’s really easy and so cute (and kind of sexy, may I add)… perfect for those of you who want to go for something very simple but pretty for Halloween :).

Okay so for this look I wanted my skin to look as perfect as possible. Therefore I decided to apply my L’oreal Infallible foundation as a base and then I concealed my very dark, dark circles with the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. To set everything in place, I applied the Maybelline Fit Me powder which I think that it adds a little bit of extra coverage while keeping the look very natural. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do anything without filling in my eyebrows, for which I used a brow pencil and also powder and brow wax.

leopard halloween makeupThen I wanted to bronze my skin. I don’t know why, but I pictured a leopard makeup as being very bronzy so I applied my Makeup Revolution Chocolate Shimmer all over my face and neck. I kind of used it as a blush as well, again this is just my take on it: if you want to do this differently, you totally can! 🙂

I wanted to have super defined cheekbones so instead of doing my normal contouring routine I decided to apply a gray eyeshadow under my cheeks. On a daily basis this would be too much, but for this look I feel like I was able to get away with it, kind of, as it blended in with the bronzer pretty well. I also contoured my nose with the same eyeshadow (used a very light hand though) and then I highlighted the highest points of my face quite a bit.


Moving on to the eyes now :). I wanted to keep the eyeshadow pretty simple, so I just applied that bronzer I used on my face earlier on my lid, in the crease and under the lower lash line, blending it very well so that it didn’t look harsh.

And since leopards are bigger cats, I wanted to go for a very dramatic cat eye. I used a liquid eyeliner for it, but you can totally use a gel liner if you prefer. And I also applied the liquid liner on my lower lash line – again, I wanted a full on dramatic cat eye. I wouldn’t do that on a daily basis (usually I would just use black eyeshadow) but I reckon Halloween is the perfect excuse to go bold with my makeup and change things up a little bit.

Of course I also applied a black eyeliner in my tight and water line, and set it with a black eyeshadow.

Next I went ahead and applied my Rimmel Super Curler mascara and also my favorite pair of false eyelashes by Primark. You can totally skip the false lashes if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, but I think they add to the look.


halloween leopard makeupAnd now on to the fun part, drawing the leopard print 🙂

I used the same liquid eyeliner that I applied on my eyes earlier to draw quite random black circles on my face and down my neck (do it only on your face if you don’t wanna get dirty or stuff). You can use a normal eyeliner, a gel, eyeshadow or even face paint, but since I had the liquid liner next to me I just reached for it. So yeah as I said I just drew a lot of circles on my face – big and small, and not so neat: I think it looks better if it’s not a perfect “copy pasted” design.

Once I was happy with how the sketch of my leopard print looked, I went back to my bronzer and filled these circles I just drew in. I feel like I could  have gone for a more pigmented eyeshadow (and change it up between yellow and brown) but the bronzer shows up quite nicely too.


Last but not least, the lips and nose.

I applied foundation on my bottom lip because I wanted it to blend in with my skin. Of course you can use concealer or a nude lipstick for this part, or even go for another colored lipstick if you want.

Since I don’t have a black lipstick, on my upper lip I decided to use a black gel liner to fill it in. Again, if you want to keep the lips rather simple that’s totally fine, it would still look awesome. But this is how I pictured the look 🙂 Then I connected my upper lip to my nose drawing a line starting from my cupid’s bow towards the base of my nose. And of course, I went for that cute cat nose that I’ve seen other people do 🙂

I didn’t add whiskers… I wasn’t feeling it for some reason, but I think the makeup turned out just fine without them :).


And that’s all I did for my Leopard Halloween makeup 🙂

What are you going to be this Halloween? I’d love to know!


Before I forget, you can click here to check out Crazy Makeup Lover‘s video that she did for our  collab, or click here to see more of my Halloween tutorials 🙂


Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
L’oreal Infallible 24hr matte foundation – 11 Vanilla
L.A. Girl Pro Conceal – Classic Ivory
Maybelline Fit Me powder – 120
Makeup Revolution Chocolate Shimmer Bronzer
Makeup Gallery Colour Story eyeshadow – Cappucino 9
Makeup Revolution – Go! palette
Makeup Revolution – Go! to Hell palette
Black eyeliner from Physycians Formula Nude Eyes kit
Makeup Gallery liquid eyeliner – black
Rimmel London 24hr Super Curler mascara – 001 Black
P.S. Love… false eyelashes – Sultry
Maybelline Color Tattoo – 60 Timeless Black


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