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L’oreal Double Extension Mascara Review ♡

Hi there! So reviews aren’t really my thing but sometimes I like sharing my thoughts with the rest of the world.
Therefore I decided to write about the L’oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Technology mascara.
One of my friends got this for me from Switzerland. I was actually hoping for the Telescopic mascara as I heard a lot of good things about that one, but eventually I started loving this mascara.

 So as you can probably see it has two tubes. The first one has this white formula, pretty much like a primer, that you use on your lashes first (pretty obvious). This thingy really does its job. I tried to apply the white formula on my lashes and then use a different mascara and I did see a difference in length. Therefore I’d say it’s pretty awesome. Besides, on the package it says that it’s meant to regenerate your lashes. I don’t know if that’s true.
Now the thing that I want to talk about is the actual mascara. The formula itself is really good and mixed with the primer you will get super long lashes.  
The only downside is that it dries your lashes like crazy. Therefore if you usually apply two coats of mascara you might try to do one eye first and then the other. Otherwise your lashes will be too dry and attempting to apply more mascara will result in clumping.
♡ Another thing I want to talk about (and it’s probably what I love most about this mascara) is that once it’s on your lashes, it stays on your lashes. This is probably going to sound terrible, but I had this mascara on for over 40 hours during which I sweated my face off, I’ve had my eyes tear, I’ve walked and ran in rain (more of a storm actually) and then I slept like crazy. It may sound like a lot, but believe me I’m not BSing. The first thing I noticed when I woke up and I went to the bathroom is that my lashes were looking almost the same as over 40 hours earlier (it only were off on a few of my bottom lashes because my eyes teared so much, lol). Therefore, I would give this mascara a huuuge thumbs-up.
♡ Speaking about how this mascara stays on… it doesn’t say whether is it waterproof but after a crazy night experience I would say that it did just fine. I mean some of my other mascaras transfer and I end up with raccoon eyes, especially after I wake up but this baby stayed where it belongs. 
However this staying where it belongs does get a little bit annoying sometimes. More precisely, when I am trying to remove my makeup I have to take a lot of time to get this mascara off my lashes. I noticed that using some facial cream on my eyes and then washing my face helps moisturizing the lashes and removing this formula. For this particular reason I kinda avoid using this mascara on a daily basis (I am way too lazy to sit 10 minutes in front of a mirror in order to remove my makeup).

So I guess this is what I had to say about the L’oreal Double Extension (or Double Extend, I’ve seen some people use this name) mascara. Overall it’s an amazing mascara that’s totally worth the money if you’re looking for a formula that makes your lashes really long and that stays on. I will absolutely keep using it, but as I just said, probably not on a daily basis. 

I will try to get back and upload a picture on how my lashes look after applying this mascara. I tried to take a screenshot from one of my YouTube videos but that didn’t work out so well. However here are a few videos in which I used the L’oreal Double Extension. 
GRWM ♡ Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 
End of Summer Makeup Tutorial ♡ Sunset Look (the white formula mixed with another mascara)
Graphic Liner Makeup Tutorial ♡

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to let me know if you tried this mascara out and what did/do you think about it!


 DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All of the opinions stated above are mine.

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