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L’oreal Infallible 24hr-matte Foundation Review&Demo

Hi there beauties! Today I have a review and demo/application of the L’oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation – I hear more and more people talking about it and I decided to give it a go as well… find out what I think about it by reading this post or watching the YouTube video below to hear my opinions and see the demo! 🙂 x

Retail price: £7.99 at Superdrug* or Boots, but they often have deals on L’oreal Makeup 🙂
So as I mentioned above, the fact that everyone is going crazy about this foundation made me want to buy it… what’s there not to like about what seems to be an affordable, high coverage, matte and long lasting foundation? Let’s see, shall we?

♡ First things first, I got mine in the wrong shade and undertone (thank you store lighting and stupid brain! yay.)… I bought the 13 Rose beige – yeah I know the UK shades have different names and numbers than the US ones – without noticing that it’d have a pink undertone… even though the name pretty much mentions it. So the color is a little bit off, I need to be out in the sun a little bit more for it to be a perfect match. However 1 shade darker on me wouldn’t be something that you’d be able to tell from a mile away. But this oxidizes pretty quickly, so I have to take the extra time to blend it well far down my neck to make sure it doesn’t look like I have a mask on. Update: the shade 11 Vanilla does not oxidize on me… I think it was just the one with a warm undertone that caused problems. x

♡ On the bright side however, the coverage is amazing. They say it’s high coverage, and yeah depending on how much I apply it is a medium to full coverage. Love that!
♡  They say it has a medium texture… again, I agree. It’s not super light or runny, but it’s not thick or heavy either.
♡  Matte finish (Yeah I know it’s kind of obvious since the name suggests that, but there are some … err.. things, cough BB cream, that claims to be matte when it actually isn’t). It is what I prefer in my foundations so yay! To be more accurate, the finish is a powdery matte (and I also set it with a powder afterwards, even though I’m not even sure that is necessary)… I know it would bother the people who are into the more natural looking skin (unlike me), but I use a setting spray when I am done with my makeup which makes it look pretty natural in my opinion.

♡ I remember somewhere in the store they said it’s for normal to oily skin. It doesn’t say anything on the packaging about it, but I find that on my normal skin I do have to moisturize and/or prime properly before applying it, otherwise it can go on a little bit patchy. However if your skin is moisturized you shouldn’t have any problem.
♡ This foundation doesn’t sink into my fine lines, as long as I moisturize before applying it. 
♡ They also say it’s “light weight, not cakey and 24hr matte perfection”. Lightweight, yeah, it feels light on the skin. Non cakey, some people would probably disagree with this since everyone has different preferences, but for me, as I mentioned earlier, after I use a setting spray I don’t find it to look cakey or bad. 24 hr matte perfection… I’ve managed to fall asleep with it on, and I still had some coverage (and it was still matte!) after 24 hours, but obviously it wasn’t perfect anymore, since I am all over the place when I sleep haha. However on a normal day it is very long lasting and doesn’t go shiny  (I wear it for 15-16 hours a day most days). However when I am at work my skin tends to go crazy and get oily, so the foundation does get shiny on my nose and fades away a little in that area after around 10-12 hours, but it’s not as bad as other foundations.
♡ As far as transfering goes, I don’t think it transfers.  I touch my face a lot and it stays in place. However if you use a napkin,tissue, whatever, some color will come of, but you’ll still have the foundation and coverage on your face.
Doesn’t start looking weird in humidity or if you sweat, which is another good thing. 
♡ I find that it dries/sets pretty quickly, so you’d wanna move fast when you apply it and blend it on your face/neck :).
♡ As far as scents go, I don’t think it has any, or if it does it’s nothing disturbing. 
It looks great in pictures and on video. Also, there is no flash back.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, BUT do some more research on it to find out if it works on your skin tone and if it’s really something you’d like to have. Personally I love how it looks, the coverage it gives and how it lasts on my skin.
Would I repurchase? I am totally thinking about getting another one in the right shade and probably repurchase after that. I’ve been wearing it more and more and so far I love it.

That’s all for my L’oreal Infallible 24hr-Matte Foundation Review&Demo. I hope you found this useful and helpful!

This video/post is not sponsored. I bought this item with my own money, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to feature any of the products mentioned.

For business opportunities email me at: jinxie961@gmail.com

* Affiliate link: if you decide to buy the item I will get a small commission, however there is no extra charge for you.

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