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L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches!

I’ve been using the L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipsticks for a few months now and I decided to write a review on them and show you some swatches! There are such beautiful colors in the Infallible lipsticks collection that I couldn’t help but pick up a few of them to try out! In fact, it was a bit difficult to decide which to get as I ordered them online so I just went for two shades that I always tend to reach for (nude and pink) and another one that’s a bit different from what I usually wear on my lips… but I love experimenting with makeup, so why not? 🙂
These retail for £9.99 at Boots* and Superdrug and I decided to write a review on these lipsticks and also show you the swatches on my lips in case you wanna find out more about them or if you want to see what a color looks like – especially since in UK they have different names/numbers than in the US (which is a big major fail in my opinion). Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading :)!

113 Invincible Sable
loreal-infallible-liquid-lipstick-113-invincible-sableYes, yes, 100 times yes!! This color is perfection! Such a beautiful cool toned brown -almost grey-… totally my favorite out of the three Infallible liquid lipsticks I own. I find that this looks best on my lips too, making them super full and smooth looking. It’s super opaque, it looks perfect (it seems a bit darker on paler skin tones for some reason though – lucky you!) and it lasts beautifully. In my opinion they couldn’t of done a better job with this color!

121 Flawless Fuchsia
loreal-infallible-liquid-lipstick-121-flawless-fuschiaSuch a bold and vibrant pink, I love it! However sometimes I find that one layer may not be enough for it to show up as intense as it actually is. But I think it’s worth it and I’m happy with this color :). I noticed (and that doesn’t happen when I have the shade previously mentioned on) that it tends to fade away a bit easier than I would like it to if I have oily food… or maybe it’s just me. One more thing, in real life it doesn’t look shiny/glittery like it does in the picture, I must of had some flash back or something when I took the picture..

404 Corail Constant
loreal-infallible-liquid-lipstick-404-corail-constantNope, it’s not a typo – that’s how they actually spelled ‘coral’. Except… it’s not really a coral color in my opinion – it’s a lot more to an extremely faded orange if you ask me. I don’t find it to be highly pigmented either… or maybe it’s just the color itself making my lips look like I couldn’t be bothered to apply lipstick and just threw on a super sparkly lip gloss. Speaking of which, these Infallible liquid lipsticks are mattyfying… why the heck would you put glitter in a supposed-to-be matte liquid lipstick? That’s just… not what I am looking for. Anyway, this is the one of the three that I am very disappointed with – regret buying, even, as I wore it once for a couple hours and then never by itself again. It does make a nice combo with Invincible Sable, but on its own it’s a fail for me.

Now for the review part… let’s start with the price… £9.99 at Superdrug (but they often have nice deals for L’oreal and other makeup brands) isn’t too bad. They are a bit more expensive than the Rimmel London Provocalips, but the Infallible lipsticks are still in the drugstore price point and I think the quality is worth the money. Besides, Superdrug pretty much always has deals across all brands, so you could keep an eye on them.
It’s a 2-in-1 product, which comes with a color side and a sealer/’top coat’ side. I find that you do need to use both sides, as applying only the color side will make your lips feel pretty dry. However once you’ve applied the top coat, the lips feel and look great. Not to mention it smells amazing! Of course as the sealer fades away/wears off, your lips will go back to being matte but no worries: they won’t feel dry so you don’t have to reapply the sealer throughout the day :).

Now … it’s easier for me to tell you what they say vs. what I think so I am going to do that again 🙂
loreal-infallible-liquid-lipstick-review-swatches♡ “All day long lips feel smooth.” Yup I agree. Keep in mind though, smooth doesn’t necessarily mean moisturizing, just nice and… smooth. I guess what I mean by that is that the lipsticks will not make your lips feel dry, which they don’t and that is quite important to me.

♡ “All day hydration for endless replenishing comfort” – oh God that is a mixture of fancy words that confuse the hell out of me. Well, maybe not confuse, but I would have preferred it if they put it simple: hydrated lips and comfortable wear sounds a lot better in my opinion. Yes, it is a comfortable wear. But I don’t know about hydration – my lips look smooth and nice, they don’t feel dry anyhow but I am sure mattyfying liquid lipsticks don’t provide much moisture or hydration.

♡ “All day just-applied look for colour that does not fade” – Yup, I will agree with that. Just like the Rimmel Provocalips, these are transfer (and kiss!) proof I usually have to apply a lip balm before taking off my makeup if I want these colors to come off. One quick tip though: do not use a lip liner to fill in your lips – this will make the lipstick wear off rather easily and it’s easy to tell and see where it’s gone and where you still have product on… not pretty!


Bottom line: I have one lipstick that I am obsessed with, one that is great but could be better and one that I never plan to wear on its own ever again. I am glad I decided to give these a go and I feel like I will try out different shades in the future (totally repurchasing Invincible Sable once I run out of it though, it’s a must have in my collection!) – after all, if one lipstick was a fail it doesn’t mean that the others cannot be awesome, right?!
Would I recommend these? The Invincible Sable, hell yes. Even Flawless Fuchsia  is great. Corail Constant is not my cup of tea, but again it doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t love it. But of course, do your research and decide for yourself if you need to spend your money on these! 🙂

Another great liquid lipsticks that I swear by are the Rimmel Provocalips! They’re cheaper too and have some colors worth checking out.

And that’s all for my L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches. I really hope you found this helpful 🙂
Let me know in a comment below if you have tried these out or if you’d like to! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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