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Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Review & Swatches

Hello beautiful,
Fortune Favours The Brave was one of the most exciting spring launches for me. Makeup Revolution, which we all know is probably the brand I use most, launched this gorgeous palette in collaboration with British Beauty Blogger and seeing how good it looks and how versatile it seems I had to get it. Of course it was selling out like crazy in the first couple of weeks, but I managed to find it at Superdrug*. It retails for £9.99 and just like the other Makeup Revolution palettes, this is pretty much a bargain.
makeup revolution british beauty blogger fortune favours the brave palette review swatches
First things first, let’s appreciate the fact that the Fortune Favours the Brave palette comes with a brush (finally!). I was so excited to see that, I tweeted MUR and congratulated them on YouTube – it’s about time we ditch the cheap sponge applicators! It is dual sided, one side is great for packing on eyeshadow and the other is more of a tapered crease brush, but I wouldn’t necessarily use it for blending as I prefer fluffier brushes for that purpose. Great to pack on color very precisely or use it instead of a pencil brush though. 🙂
Now let’s talk about the eyeshadows. Fortune Favours the Brave comes in lovely golden packaging and inside you have 30 different shades, which Makeup Revolution describes as a mix of mattes, glimmer and sheen. I like the mixture of different colors, I think that is what makes the palette very versatile and it would come in handy for day, night or any occasion makeup.
I think that the eyeshadows are pretty awesome, with the exception of a few light mattes that don’t particularly tend to show up on my skin. That’s a common problem I have with light matte shadows, I wish they would show up a bit better without me having to use a primer on my lids. But hey, at least the others are great 🙂 Speaking of primers, the swatches are without a primer, no flash and went in with eyeshadow only once.
What I like most about the eyeshadows in the Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette is that I’ve worn them without primer on my lids a lot of times (I always forget to prime, haha) and they lasted great, didn’t fade and didn’t crease. That alone justifies the £10 for me 😀
Speaking of a 10 quid price point, check out the review I did on their 144 eyeshadow palette – that one is great as well and for the same price you get soooo many colors to play with 🙂
To sum everything up, I think the Fortune Favours the Brave palette is great and an amazing deal. I love the shadows, apart from the lighter matte ones, the range of colors is great for creating different looks, they perform impressively throughout the day and the fact that I get a brush that I am actually going to use is a big plus. Great job Makeup Revolution and British Beauty Blogger, this was an awesome collab. 🙂
I have a makeup post (Halo Eye Makeup) in which I used some of these eyeshadows, and you can totally expect me to use it in more tutorials in the future 🙂 I have been reaching for this palette a lot, so you’ll probably see me talk about it a lot in future posts.

Update: Fast forwards to a few months after writing this review, I didn’t have the chance to do other tutorials or mention it too many times in my posts as I took a break from blogging. However it did make it to my 2016 favorites, as it’s one of the palettes I always reach for and I always bring it with me when I travel. 🙂

What do you think about the Makeup Revolution x British Beauty Blogger Fortune Favours the Brave palette? Did you get it? Are you planning to?
What Makeup Revolution products are your favorites?

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