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Makeup Revolution Haul And Swatches ♡ + Mini Reviews

makeup revolution haulHi loves! Today I have a Makeup Revolution haul for you! They’re a British Cruelty Free brand and I wanted to share with you the goodies that I ordered 🙂 ♡
I’ve been looking at their website for quite a while and on Black Friday they had this “Spend 25 pounds get another 25 pounds worth of products” so I decided that it was about the best time to get buy something 😀 I ended up adding products to my cart until I reached 30 pounds so that I could get free shipping as well, hehe.
If you are interested in seeing what I got then you can watch the YouTube video or keep reading this post 🙂 Enjoy!

Okay so I am just going to go ahead and start writing about what I got.

The first few items that I ordered and that I kind of went crazy with were their “Amazing Lipsticks”. I bought 8 shades out of 30 or 31 (I think?) colors they have available. These are quite pretty and only cost 1 pound each. Also, I already had a post earlier this week in which I talked about each lipstick in detail (a.k.a. review) and also swatched all of them on my lips. You can click here if you are interested in seeing what shades I got and what they look like.

The next thing I got is their Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer in the lightest shade available (01 Fairest). This was 2 pounds but frankly I am not very impressed. I feel like it does a good job at brightening/highlighting but it doesn’t conceal as much. It has a thin formula and maybe I just need something thicker to hide my awful dark circles. I forgot to take a picture of it but if you head over to Makeup Revolution’s website you can find it there 🙂

I also got a blush palette which is called “Ultra Professional Blush and Contour Palette”. They have a few different palettes like this with different shades of blushes, bronzers and highlighters but the one I got is in Golden Sugar and it costed me 6 pounds. I feel like it’s more of a highlighting and bronzer/contour shades palette rather than blush: there’s only 1 thing in there that works as a blush for me. But then again I am more into bronzing the heck out of my face and not so crazy about blushes so that’s alright. I took a few pictures with swatches but they all came washed out so ughhh, I will not post any swatch picture. I did swatch a few shades in the video though (skip to min 4:45 if you are interested). The packaging is neat and I think that for the price you get a good amount of products – the size is quite good if you ask me 🙂

Another thing I ordered was the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette: Iconic 2 (which by the way is said to be a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2). It costs 4 pounds I have a review and swatches on that as well so I am not going to go into details :). Click here to read the Review and Swatches on the Iconic 2 palette. I have to admit that the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw all of the palettes was “damn these things look smaller than I imagined” but if I think about it the size is good. I think I had different expectations because of all these HD videos I’ve seen on YouTube – everything looks much bigger on camera, I remember that was the first thing I thought of when I bought my Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation too, LOL!

Moving on with the eyeshadow palettes, I got the Salvation Palette: Colour Chaos for 6 pounds. It has 18 pretty shades, both mattes and shimmers but I feel like some of them could use a heck lot more pigmentation. I like that the palette comes with a mirror and they also named each shade. I love wearing colorful eyeshadows so I will reach out for this palette despite the poor pigmentation of some shadows. Besides, this is also said to be a dupe (+ some extra eyeshadows) for Urban Decay’s Electric palette but I am not very certain about that. I have a review on this and you can click here if you are interested in reading it.

And the last thing I ordered is another eyeshadow palette. Funny story, when I placed the order I remember looking at it before but I don’t remember adding it to the cart (I remember adding something else but I guess I was just planning to do that) LOL. I was 100% sure that they messed up my order and gave me this for free, even when I recorded the video but then I checked on the website again and it turns out that yeah I did add it to my cart. Why am I boring you with this? I don’t know. Let’s talk about the palette now. It’s 4 GBP and you get 12 matte bright eyeshadows. Again, I will probably reach for this palette quite often 😀 Here’s a review and swatches for this palette.
Now it’s time to talk about the products they put together for their Black Friday offer.
The first things were 5 lipgloss tubes (valued at 1 quid each). To be honest with you I was quite disappointed that I got a clear gloss instead of a pretty color but then again I have quite chapped lips and not all lipsticks look good by themselves, so I will end up using that one as well. The other 4 glosses are nudes and pinks. I am not sure right now if I want to do a separate review on these or not but right now I cannot really talk about them since I only used one lip gloss only one time. I wouldn’t know what to say lol. However when I filmed I swatched them on my hand and I think the formula is quite nice but also pretty runny. When I tested one of them a few days ago I noticed that it felt pretty good on, and it didn’t have that super sticky and annoying lipgloss feel. Thumbs up for that. Again, I forgot to take a picture of the damn things so check out the video if you want to see them (skip to 10:20). Or Makeup Revolution ‘s website 🙂
Next I received the Amazing Curl Mascara (2 pounds). I wasn’t so excited to see that it is a black brown since I like my lashes to be super black. It does look quite dark in 2 coats but not as good as a black mascara. I didn’t notice it giving me much of a curl, no volume whatsoever, it’s just lenghtening if you ask me. The formula is rather dry which is good because that way I won’t be getting mascara all over my lids when applying it and the wand is slightly curled (perfect for bottom lashes in my opinion, hehe). As far as the wand/brush size goes, it’s not too fat/big but not too thin/skinny either – somewhere in between (normal, I guess you can say) so I don’t think it’s very difficult to work with. I plan on reviewing this as well, so keep an eye out for that.
Then there was this single eyeshadow called “Blow Your Whistle” (1 quid). It’s a pretty purple color, decent pigmentation (could use more though haha). It is a matte eyeshadow though and I noticed that some of their mattes aren’t super good quality so maybe that is why it isn’t showing as I would like it to? Just saying. However I suppose I can build it up or something. The size/packaging is quite good so I suppose I won’t run out of it very quickly (not like I use purples that often haha) anddd let’s see what else. I haven’t tried wearing it on my eyes yet so I don’t know if it lasts or creases or anything else. But it should be alright 🙂 After all it’s a gift so I can’t complain about it, haha.

The last three items were two Go! Palettes and a bronzer from their I heart Makeup collection. The first Go! Palette (6.49 GBP, left) is really pretty and I like that it has a blush, highlighter and bronzer/contour shade as well. The eyeshadows are very pretty and super pigmented. I plan on reviewing these three palettes in a diferent post so I won’t go into much details. Besides I think this post is already pretty long. The second palette is “Go to Hell” (yes ma’am, I will at some point) -6.49 GBP, right-  and I love that it has a bunch of different eyeshadows. Some are bigger size, some smaller, but I find it pretty awesome. And the bronzer is called Chocolate Shimmer (4.99 GBP). It’s shimmery and pretty close to my skin color, so it won’t be so obvious that I bronzed the hell out of my face, which is a good thing hehe. Here is the review I did on the Go! and Go! to Hell palette if you wanna find out more about them 🙂

And these were all of the items I bought and received on Black Friday 🙂 I forgot to write in the beginning, it took about 2 weeks for my order to arrive because I had some problems with my card/PayPal (they say it only takes up to 5 working days to receive your items – took 3 after my payment was finally complete, which is great).
I am not sure what else to say except for the fact that I am looking forwards to ordering again – just waiting for a good offer hehe!
Soo, I hope you enjoyed this haul and swatches and everything and maybe you found some useful information (in case you’re curious about Makeup Revolution products hehe). Let me know if you tried anything from this brand and if so what were your thoughts.
Thank you for stopping by!

This is not a sponsored video/post. I bought most of these products with my own money and the rest of them were a Black Friday “gift”. However all of the opinions are my own and I am not paid to feature any of these products.

Click to go to Makeup Revolution ‘s website.

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