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Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion Palette Review & Swatches

I’ve had the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion Palette for more than half a year now and it’s probably one of the eyeshadow palettes I reach for the most. It has lovely colors both for wearable everyday kind of makeup and also for dramatic looks which we all know I love. Some shadows are more pigmented, some less (usually the mattes can use more pigmentation), but overall I think this is a little gem and that’s why I decided to tell you about it!
makeup revolution i heart passion palette review swatches
The Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette retails for £5.99 but if you get it from Superdrug* or something you may be able to find a deal on the Makeup Revolution products. They are also a cruelty free brand, which I know is something that a lot of people care about.

Let’s talk packaging… can we appreciate how cute this looks? I am a sucker for hearts so I had to have a palette from the I Heart Makeup range, and I chose this one because it has different fun colors and it would be easy to create lots of different looks with it.

Inside of the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette you will find a full sized mirror which can come in pretty handy, a plastic foil with the name of each shade and one of these sponge applicators – which let’s take a second here, why do brands still include these useless sponges in their palettes? So useless! How am I supposed to achieve a sultry smokey eye with that? I’ve said it before (here), I would rather pay a couple extra quid for the cheapest, most useless brush than get these sponge applicators inside my palettes. I would appreciate the effort, you know. Oh well… back to the topic now!
The Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette has 6 matte shades and 10 shimmers. As I said in the beginning, the mattes could do with more pigmentation. Most of the shimmers however are incredibly pigmented and all 16 shadows are easy to work with and easy to blend. I figured it would be easier to swatch each row at a time and talk about it, so here we go.

makeup-revolution-i-heart-passion-palette-swatches-reviewThe mattes on this row are actually pretty good. I love that creamy-white shadow for an all over the lid color to help me brighten my eyes and also make blending other shadows easier. The second shadow is a really pretty rose gold shadow that looks lovely on the eyes (check out this makeup look), however I find that it swatched more as a light champagne color on my hand. Weird. The cool toned brown is right up my alley right now, and so is that shimmery grey next to it. I haven’t actually used the matte dark grey on the eyes, but it’s great to set the black liners I apply in the waterline.
Okay, here is the second row of the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette. I promise you I swatched the first and third shadows. Where the hell are they? On my hand right there, but these are the colors which I really wish were more pigmented. At the same time they are the two I use the most – if you prime before hand, they will add a subtle hint of color on the eyes, so I use them as transition colors quite often. Quite a few purples on this row, really pretty and decent to good pigmentation, however I find that on the eyes they come off much darker than they are in the pan (check out this makeup look to see what I mean). Not sure how I feel about that. I really like the shimmery black as well – I would have preferred it to be matte, but at the same time it adds such a nice smokey-ness on the lower lash line!
Okay, this has to be the best row from the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette. Can we appreciate the pretty colors and the pigmentation? Yesss! The purple is great to add darkness and a subtle color to any look and the blue shadow makes my natural brown eyes pop like crazy. I have used that green shadow for a makeup tutorial and paired with my contact lenses I felt like I can run the world. The gray goes perfectly with both my natural eye color and lenses, such a beautiful shade! And that white is perfect for highlighting the inner corners and even brow bone.

I really like this palette but there is one thing I noticed as soon as it came in the mail and I hauled it in a video: the shades are similar to other eyeshadows in either the Go! to Hell palette or the Colour Chaos palette (which is funny, because they are the exact different thing, but come with different names – what the hell Makeup Revolution?!).
Like honestly already having at least 7 eyeshadows out of 16 (could be more, I haven’t bothered comparing all of them) is a big bummer. Does it make me like this palette less? Somehow, yes it does. I wouldn’t mind two or maximum three eyeshadows repeating from a palette to another… but having 7 similar shadows in at least one other palette (some of them repeat in both Colour Chaos and Go! to Hell!) is like… why?! Why even change their names in the first place? Make me feel like I’m getting new eyeshadows to play around with when they are actually the exact same ones…. shame!
Please excuse the messy background in the picture. It was hard to get my entire arm and three palettes in one frame, lol. Anyway, I wanted to show you that even though the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion is a pretty lovely palette in my opinion, honestly hun save yourself some money and make sure you don’t end up getting all of these three palettes.

And that’s all of my review and swatches of the Makeup Revolution I Heart Passion palette! I really hope that you found this helpful. 🙂 I still love the palette, but I wish all of the 16 shades were new/unique… that kind of makes me unsure whether I would recommend it or not – it’s good quality for the money, but at the same time if you own any of the other two palettes mentioned.. save yourself  that £6. Don’t get me wrong, I love Makeup Revolution – you get such good quality products for the price, but once again, I wish all of the shades were new.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows palettes? If yes, which and what do you think about them?

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