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Makeup Revolution “Matte Brights” palette Review and Swatches

matte brights makeup revolutionHi there! Today I am back with another Makeup Revolution review & swatch post (I hope you are not bored of these already, lol!). As you can tell by the title, today I am going to talk about the Matte Brights palette – it has 12 beautiful matte eyeshadows, but let’s talk quality, shall we?
In case you haven’t heard of this brand before, Makeup Revolution is a UK-based cruelty free & super affordable brand.
Now let’s talk about this eyeshadow palette 🙂

Okay so I swatched all of the eyeshadows on my hand and I will try to talk about each one. By the way, this palette costs 4 pounds/GBP.

Okay, can we take a second and admire this great white eyeshadow right there? I don’t think I have ever had a white eyeshadow that shows so bright on my skin. I am impressed with the pigmentation!
I promise you I swatched the gray. Where? Right in the middle of the white eyeshadow and light blue one which you can’t see either. Why can’t you see it then? Because this gray eyeshadow is useless – try swatching it 10 times, it won’t show even after 11 swatches, wth?
As I just said above, the light blue eyeshadow isn’t really pigmented either. You can barely see it, and that’s a shame because I love blue eyeshadows 🙁
Next we have an orange eyeshadow – wooo pretty! It shows pretty good, now the only thing I have to figure out is how to use it, hehe 🙂
The light pink eyeshadow of this palette is somewhere in between good and bad. It shows, but it could be better! The same thing goes for the purple.
The slightly darker and brighter pink is gourgeousness though! Great pigmentation and great color.
8th eyeshadow is yellow. Nice pigmentation 🙂
Another bummer is that beige eyeshadow. You have to try really hard to be able to tell that this eyeshadow is swatched on my hand. Too bad, it would have been a perfect color for more natural looks.
The next two eyeshadows are a green and a darker blue than the other one. Both really pretty and pigmented (I love this blue!!)
And finally the last eyeshadow is a lighter green than the other one. Again, this is in between good and bad.

♡ 6 pigmented and very pretty eyeshadows.
♡ 3 eyeshadows that could be way better but at least aren’t disappointing...
♡ 3 eyeshadows that have nothing to do in this palette. Total crap!!
♡ I think that if you are a matte eyeshadows lover then this palette can work for you. I think that 4 pounds isn’t expensive. If you don’t like matte eyeshadows as much, then for the same price you can get the “Acid Brights” palette which has shimmers, satin and some mattes. However I don’t own that palette so I don’t know if it’s good or not.
♡ If I think about it, this is worth the money way more than the Colour Chaos palette (review). The ratio of pigmented eyeshadows vs crappy ones is better for this palette, haha. 
♡ I haven’t tried wearing these on my lids for long so I am not sure if they last on the eyes all day or if they crease or not..
Bottom line: would I recommend it? If you like matte and bright eyeshadows yes – 4 pounds for 6 good eyeshadows and 3 decent ones isn’t bad if you ask me.

So that’s all for today 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you found it somewhat helpful.
Let me know if you own this palette and what are your thoughts about it. If not, would you get it or any other Makeup Revolution products?


This is not a sponsored post. I bought this item with my own money, all of the opinions above are my own and I am not paid to feature this product. 

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