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Makeup Revolution Protection Palette in Light | Review & Swatches

I picked up the Makeup Revolution Protection Palette in the shade Light about 2 months ago and it’s became one of my favorite products to use on a daily basis. It retails for £6 both on M.U.R’s website and at Superdrug* and Makeup Revolution says this is their ‘first face palette to give everything you need to look flawless’. It contains 3 ‘Super Blending’ cream concealers, 1 Silk Touch Anti Shine Pressed Powder, 1 contouring matte bronzer, 1 matte blush and 1 highlighter. It has a full sized mirror which comes in pretty handy for me and at the moment there are 4 different shades available for this palette.
makeup-revolution-protection-palette-light-review-swatchesI must admit I don’t fully understand the name, ‘protection palette’. Why protection? I mean yeah, I am ‘protected’ from looking like a flat faced zombie both in selfies and real life, but I feel like they could come up with something more original and relatable.
However as I mentioned earlier it became one of the products I reach for the most, and I find it really handy for both natural looks (which I am pretty much forced to wear to work) and dramatic looks (which we all know I love). So without further ado, I will go ahead and tell you why and what I like about the Makeup Revolution Protection Palette and show you some swatches! 🙂

The Concealers
I’ve tried a Makeup Revolution concealer before and I didn’t like it because of the poor coverage, so I was a bit skeptical about the concealers in the Protection palette… but then I figured that for 6 quid I still cannot go wrong with this baby, as I would still get a powder, a blush, bronzer and highlighter anyway.
However I was actually impressed with these concealers. The one on the top is very light, thus perfect for brightening/highlighting my face, while the middle one is pretty close to my skin tone so it’s great if I want to correct any spots or fix any mistakes. The concealer on the bottom is very yellow, like a banana yellow, and now I can finally see why everybody is going crazy with ‘banana powders’ for their under eye area. Yes, I do use it on top of my normal concealer, but this is great to add more coverage and brighten up a bit more. And it doesn’t look cakey or like I have too much product on my face, which is a plus. In the picture above you can see what they look like when you first apply them (left) and what they look like after they are somewhat blended in (right).
Now every shade of the Makeup Revolution Protection palette comes with different shades of concealers (duh!), but if you have a light skin tone like I do, I think you’d like this!

The Anti Shine Powder
This is actually what makes me reach for this palette everyday. I just love this powder! It adds a bit of extra coverage, it looks flawless, brightens up a little bit and most importantly it keeps me shine free. I’ve been meaning to do my research and see if Makeup Revolution has this powder available only by itself – I am so repurchasing this once I run out! I don’t like being shiny or dewy (despite the fact that I do add a ton of highlighter usually) so I love this for keeping my face matte!

The bronzer, blush and highlighter
Now I may be wrong but I think all of the different shades of the Makeup Revolution Protection palette come with the same bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I am not sure if it’s a good thing or if it’s actually a bad thing, as the bronzer is a little bit dark for light skin. I use only a little bit of product and a very light hand and I can get away with it, but I feel like it would look muddy on someone who is more fair. It’s a nice shade, but I feel like it would of been better if they would change the shades so that it fits different skin tones a bit better. And perhaps make it less warm toned?
The blush is a really pretty dusty kind of pink color. While it doesn’t show up on my hand very well, it adds a nice touch of color to the cheeks. I’ve always been more into bronzing and contouring the hell out of my face than I am into blushes, but I like this as it’s not too bright and the color is easy to pull off.
The highlighter is decent. It won’t give you that Amrezy glow, but it adds shine and a healthy glow to your cheekbones so it would be nice for those who prefer a more natural look.
makeup revolution protection palette review swatchesAnd that’s all for my Makeup Revolution Protection palette review! When I got this I didn’t expect it to become one of my go to makeup products, but it’s really versatile and works nice for me 🙂 Yeah, a thing or two could be improved, but all in all I really like it.

I hope you found this useful and I am curious to find out what palettes or face products you have been loving lately.

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