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Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick – Caramel Kiss Review & Swatches

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Today I am going to do a review on the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Dual Ended Lipstick in 725 Caramel Kiss – wow, isn’t that a mouthful! I want to expand my liquid lipstick collection and I thought I would try these ones from Maybelline. After all, what’s more amazing than a drugstore matte liquid lipstick that stays put all day?
Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Review Swatch Caramel Kiss 725

maybelline-superstay-24-dual-ended-lipstick-725-caramel-kiss-review-swatchAs the name suggests, the Maybelline Superstay comes in a dual ended packaging, similar to the Rimmel Provocalips or the L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipsticks. On one side you get the color with a doe foot applicator and on the other end you have the balm that locks the color in place. Just like with the other liquid lipsticks mentioned above, with this Maybelline one you have to apply the balm on top, otherwise the color can feel pretty drying by itself – don’t worry though, once you’ve locked it in place you won’t need to reapply (neither the color nor the balm) throughout the day as the lipstick will stay put and it won’t feel drying again.
One thing I noticed is that the balm on the Maybelline SuperStay is really glossy looking. I prefer my liquid lipsticks to be matte, so as soon as my lips don’t feel dry anymore I gently pat my lips with a napkin/tissue to get rid of the the glossy-ness.

Thankfully the Maybelline SuperStay is long lasting. I have worn it for up to 12 hours before (hadn’t had the chance to go for longer than that) and the color still looked good. It didn’t fade weirdly nor did it wear off. Once the color is set, it’s transfer proof but if you eat greasy food it will come off on the napkin a little bit, nothing to worry about though. As my makeup removing wipes can’t take this off, I usually apply a lip balm and let it sit on my lips for a couple minutes, after which I am able to remove the lipstick in a few swipes.

The dual ended lipstick retails for £8.99, but I usually buy my affordable makeup from Superdrug or Boots* and they always have some kind of deals across some brands, so I guess you can manage to get this for cheaper if you keep an eye on it. Ordering it online was a bit confusing in terms of what exact shade this would be as they don’t display the color very well on this product.
As soon as it arrived in the mail I felt a bit intimidated when I saw how intense the shade 725 Caramel Kiss looks in the packaging. I like my brown lips but this seemed to have a really warm undertone and it made me question why the heck did I not go for a pink or something else. But then I went ahead and applied it on my lips…

maybelline super stay 24 dual ended lipstick 725 caramel kiss
To my -not so pleasant- surprise, the Maybelline SuperStay is not very opaque actually. You can see in the picture above that with one layer on it looks pretty sheer. With two layers on I do get a better color payoff but I feel like it’s not true to the color I see in the tube. Frankly, I prefer this color, but yeah keep in mind that the pigmentation of this may not be the best. However, Caramel Kiss is the only shade I own so I can’t say that all lipsticks from this range lack opacity.

One thing that I really enjoy though is the fact that it pumps up my lips. Like, can you see that? I tried to take the pictures at somewhat similar angles, but I feel like my bottom lip has gotten bigger after applying the second coat. And I love that! There was no tingly or itchy sensation or any discomfort, but somehow my lips look bigger straight after application. Bigger, but not bad – if you recall my review of the New Look/Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick I felt because of the shade I looked like I had botox injections which went totally wrong, LOL. But the Maybelline SuperStay looks awesome! Keep in mind though, several hours later the lips loose their fullness and go back to normal and if you have lines on your lips they will be visible. Surprisingly it doesn’t show the fact that I have chapped lips though, which is great.
maybelline superstay review swatches
And this is all for my review of the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Dual Ended Lipstick in 725 Caramel Kiss. Again, I love the fact that it’s long wearing, transfer proof and makes my lips look bigger for a few hours. Despite the fact that the color I get on my lips after two layers looks totally different than the one in the tube, I actually prefer this muted mauve-brown. If you are interested in something really pigmented and opaque though, check out the Rimmel London Provocalips or the L’oreal Infallible Liquid Lipsticks – they are awesome, and I would choose Povocalips over this any time! I do want to try out a few more lipsticks from the Super Stay collection, but I will probably wait until I can find a nice deal on Maybelline first.

What long wear and transfer proof liquid lipsticks do you enjoy wearing? I need more of them in my life and I would love some suggestions!

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