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Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Review

Maybelline The Falsies Volume express reviewHey there! 🙂 Today I am going to write a review on the Falsies “Volum’ Express” mascara by Maybelline. I always see people using or hear them talking about Maybelline mascaras  and I wanted to see what the hype is about. I got mine in the shade/color Black Drama a little over a month ago and so far I’ve been really liking it! If you’d like to see all of my opinions on it and a few pictures on how it works, then please keep on reading 🙂

So let’s see… I paid somewhere around £8-9 for this.. which is more than what I usually pay for my mascaras but I really wanted to try out a Maybelline one. And after all, I make that money in less than two hours of hard boring work so I might as well treat myself with some makeup every now and then – I earned it!:) Besides, Superdrug* and Boots* often have deals on their makeup so I end up experimenting with more products 🙂

I am not sure if they promise anything that you should be getting from this mascara (apart from volume), they only wrote on the back that it has a “concentrated black fibre formula”. Now I don’t know much about fibre mascaras, but in my opinion this is a pretty normal formula (mostly on the wet side), without any annoying fibres that will irritate my eyes throughout the day.
The wand is a pretty curved and I find it perfect for getting these stubborn inner corner lashes or the ones on the bottom lash line – coats each one of them quickly and perfectly.

I’ll do this post’s layout like the previous mascara reviews I’ve done… so
Let’s see what I would like to know when reading about a mascara:
♡ Does it give volume? I usually say that my lashes are quite voluminous by themselves so most of the times I am not impressed with volumising formulas. However I do feel like this one gives me quite a bit more volume than what I already have :).
♡ Is it lengthening? Yes, I believe it does a pretty awesome job at lengthening, especially my bottom lashes. It doesn’t lengthen as much as other mascaras I’ve tried that make my lashes almost touch my browbone, but it’s good enough. In its defense, afterall it promises volume not length :D.
I know that in the picture you can’t really see how much it lengthens or how much volume it gives, because of my bold winged liner, but I hope you can get an idea, especially from the pics where I was looking to the side. 🙂
♡ Does it separate lashes or clump them? It’s separating all the way. I don’t get any clumping unless I use like 3 massive coats – but nothing extreme or that I’d mind… I usually stick to 2 coats of mascara though, and it separates like a dream.
♡ Does it curl/hold the curl? Curl, a little bit maybe yeah. My eyelashes are slightly curled naturally but I do feel like it helps a little bit. If I decide to curl my lashes, they do hold throughout the day – however that is a step I usually avoid because I feel like using an eyelash curler takes away some of the length – it’s just my personal belief and preference.
♡ Waterproof/Long lasting? I am pretty sure they had a waterproof formula for this mascara when I got it. However this stays on my lashes without smudging even when it’s pouring rain so that’s a good thing. It doesn’t transfer on my lid and it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes (aka doesn’t run under my eyes, despite the fact that my eyes get quite watery sometimes). And it lasts for the stupid amount of hours I need it for too – I usually need my makeup for about 15 hours/day and when I get back home it looks just as good as when I left. =)

Bottom line
♡ Would I recommend this? Yes. I think it’s totally worth a try – I have yet to find any negative aspect about it, and I am happy I decided to pay a little bit more than what I usually go for.. couldn’t be more thrilled with the results 😀
♡ Would I repurchase? I would say yes… but! As I said in the beginning of this post, I always see people using or hear them talking about Maybelline mascaras, so next time I might try another one and see how I like it. However I’ll always know that this one hasn’t failed me and know where to find it :).

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this review helped you out a little bit!

This post is not sponsored. I bought this item with my own money and I am not paid to feature it on my blog.

* Affiliate link: if you decide to buy the item I will get a small commission, however there is no extra charge.

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