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Morphe Me by Live Glam | What Brushes Did I Get For $20?

I’ve always wanted to sign up for a subscription box but I’ve never really found something that I would actually be keen on spending my money on every month. However, when I first heard of the Morphe Me subscription I became quite interested. I had a look on Live Glam’s website and I saw that for only $20 you get random Morphe brushes every month. Could be 3 brushes, could be 5 brushes, depending on what their size, their purpose and actual retail price. Now my brush collection is something that I would like to work on, so I thought why not…

I was actually on holiday when I first read about this subscription service. I started signing up but then I never got to checking out. A few days in they sent me an email which basically said that if I finish my registration I would get 1 free brush on top of the brushes that were selected for this month (September). An extra free brush? Count me in!

The thing is I usually do my research before buying something… but not with the Morphe Me subscription. Blame it on lack of time. So I had no idea that you can actually see what brushes they choose each month. But as I already have a few Morphe brushes that I use and love, I figured $20 for a few new brushes won’t hurt. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can check what brushes you’ll be getting each month. And you can also skip a month (or more) if you don’t like the brushes.

Okay, now it’s worth mentioning that my cheap bum wasn’t happy to pay for shipping. Shipping in the US is free, but I live in the UK. Live Glam ships internationally, but it costs $3.99. Yeah, I’m one of those people who wouldn’t mind spend hundreds, but 4 bucks for shipping make me go like ‘Oh, seriously now?!’ Of course, when you don’t live in the US and don’t have easy access to all the good stuff, paying for shipping is something you get used to. I wasn’t 100% sold on it at first… but I was very interested.

Right, ok, let’s do this! $24 ain’t gonna break the bank and I can cancel anytime I want. My brushes were despatched in a couple days and I received them about 5 or 6 business days after. I had a look at the 4 brushes they chose for the month of September and then I had like 4 or 5 options to choose from for my free brush. One cool thing about Live Glam is that if you sign up for the Morphe Me subscription using a referral code (like mine*) you will get a free brush too. And then I think if you refer friends you will either get a free brush or points that you can use to redeem free goodies.

This is the least important detail that you need to know, but I need to mention it. I live in a building where my d*mb*ss neighbors will take the parcels from downstairs even when they aren’t theirs. Yes, I’m talking about stealing. I’ve called the landlord. I’ve called the police. It still hasn’t been dealt with. So try to imagine me checking my tracking number every other hour to make sure my Morphe brushes aren’t stolen. To my surprise, they weren’t. Also to my surprise, my brushes came in an envelope, not in a box. An envelope that fits into the mailbox, which has yet to be touched by idiots. Yaaaas! I can keep my subscription without having to worry that much, LOL.

Okay Denisa, stop rambling. So let’s see what brushes I got and what my first impressions were.

The Morphe M576 brush was the one I was most excited about. You know, a girl can never have enough (clean) blending brushes. And this is probably my favorite brush that I got this month. It blends amazing, but what surprised me is that it also packs pigment. I expected a couple dips into my eyeshadow wouldn’t do much and I would have to keep going back and forth to build up the intensity. I was so wrong! This brush deposits a lot of pigment and then it blends it out seamlessly!

I wasn’t sure what the Morphe M577 brush was meant to do, but they said it’s for blending. It kind of looks like a pencil brush with long bristles though, doesn’t it? I was skeptical, but I wanted to see if this brush really does blend. And it does! But it is quite dense so I feel like I love it more for applying shadows on my bottom lash line. It does an amazing job at smoking out that bottom lid, while also blending the eyeshadows really well.

I’m so happy I got the Morphe M578 because I was in need of a new pencil brush. I can’t even tell you how quickly this became my favorite brush for highlighting the inner corner and the browbone. It packs pigment like no other pencil brush I had in my collection so far. WIN! It’s only a bit smaller and thinner than the M577, but I can see myself reaching for this every day. This is my second favorite brush that I got from the Morphe Me subscription box.

The Morphe E6 is probably the only brush that I’m not in love with. There’s nothing wrong with the brush itself, it’s just… me. Since the end of last year, I prefer using blending sponges more than brushes. I just feel like sponges do a better job at applying foundation, concealer and whatever other liquids/creams I put on my face. Sure, this brush blended everything well… Eventually. I actually find it quicker to use a sponge. Also, something weird happened. You know how they say that foundation soaks in into your makeup sponge and you get less coverage? I actually feel like I got less coverage with the E6 brush than I do with my Real Techniques sponge. Maybe I’m just imagining it. Or maybe I applied less product without realizing. But I had the same feeling every time I used it. Overall I think it’s a good brush. It’s very soft and very dense. But personally I won’t be reaching for it much.

These are the 4 brushes that came in the September box. Well, envelope. I checked the Morphe website and their value would be somewhere around $31. Obviously the one I don’t really plan on using, E6, is the most expensive one. But who knows, maybe one day I will go back to using brushes to apply my foundation. Or maybe I can find another purpose for it.

The Morphe B11 brush is the one I chose as my free brush. This one costs $3 on Morphe’s website, so overall I am happy with my order. I don’t really use gel eyeliners anymore, but I used this brush with my Freedom brow pomade and I think it does a great job.

So I paid $24 (subscription+shipping) for 5 brushes. I’m not mad at that. I think subscription boxes are cool because you get random goodies rather than choosing them yourself. It gave me the chance to try something new, that maybe I wouldn’t have bought for myself. I have 2 new brushes that I absolutely love, another 2 really good ones, and one brush that I need to find another use for. Also, it really did end up being cheaper. Yeah, you risk getting something you might not use, but the good thing is if you log on Live Glam’s website you can see what brushes they will send out each month and skip as many months as you’d like.

Another good thing about this subscription box is that you can set on which date you want your payment to go out. They change the monthly brushes every month on the 23rd (for example, you’ll be able to see the October brushes from the 23rd of September), so if you were to set your payment to go out on the 1st (of October), you would have a week to decide whether you want to get them or not. Skipping a month/months and canceling your subscription at any time is FREE! Or you can trade the current month’s set of brushes for a previous set 🙂

So I will keep my subscription for a few more months to see how it goes. Of course, I will be reviewing them each month and keep you updated on whether I think it’s worth it anymore or not.

If you’d like to try out the Morphe Me subscription box, use my link* to get one free brush! 🙂


UPDATE: Here are the brushes they picked out for October. 5 Morphe brushes worth $43 in total for only $20+shipping is pretty cool. Use the referral link to get the 6th brush for free! 😉

Have you tried any of Live Glam’s subscription boxes? They also do lipsticks and nail polishes. Is there any monthly subscription box that you would recommend to a makeup junkie?


Until next time…


*Referral Link = If you sign up using my link you will get to choose a free makeup brush. There is no extra charge for you, and I am not making any commission off it.

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