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Mosaic Nails ♡

Hey there! This is the newest design that I decided to go for on my nails. These mosaic nails are perfect for summer time too! I hope you like it! ♡



Okay so the first thing you wanna do is gather together all (or as many as you want) of your colorful nail polishes. I’ve noticed that the brighter the nail polish, the better the design will come out. And also you’ll need a black nail polish and a top coat.

mosaic nailsSo I am just going in with each colored nail polish and placing random dots on my nails. Keep doing this and change the colors until your entire nail is covered in messy looking colored dots. Also keep in mind that the bigger the dots (not too big though!) the better the design will stand out and that you shouldn’t place the same colors too close to each other.

Once you’re happy with all of the colored dots you have on your nails take a tooth pick (or a nail brush if you have one) and that black nail polish and start outlining everything. I have also outlined the outer edges of my nail, I think it adds a little bit to the overall look.

Let all of these nail polishes dry completely and then finish the design by adding a top coat to make sure it will stay on longer.


And that’s all for this tutorial! Really easy and super cute in my opinion! I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts! xoxo

These nails are inspired by Pixie (Glitter To Gaming) – check out her awesome design!! ♡

Products used;
Medusa Isabella nail polish- 76 (orange) & 23 (black)
Rapsodi Nailpolish – 310 (pink); 334 (purple); 341 (light blue/turqoise)
Gabrini Summer Collection nail polish – C 06 (blue)
GcocL nail polishes – 2 (yellow); 1 (red); 6 (green)
Gabrini 3D nailpolish – 00 (top coat)

Thank you for stopping by!

Kisses and hugs,


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