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MUA Velvet Lip Laquers ♡ Review & Swatches

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up three of the MUA Velvet Lip Laquers (hauled here). I have the shades Zest, Tranquility and Dash which I think are absolutely stunning colors. A lot of people have good thing to say about these really affordable lip lacquers (£3 each) and since I am keen on expanding my liquid lipstick collection I thought I’d finally give them a go and see if they are really worth checking out.
Let’s start by talking about the packaging, shall we? I don’t know why these remind me a lot of my Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks… they aren’t the exact same, but they both have a frosted/matte glass and a golden lid. They look a bit similar, or at least in my opinion they do.
mua velvet lip lacquers tranquility dash zest review swatches
I can see why these are called velvet… they feel so velvety smooth once they dry down and feel quite different than anything else I’ve tried so far. The smell is sweet and delicious which is always a plus for me, even though I am aware that some people don’t exactly fancy that. I don’t feel like these emphasize my dry lips nor does it make my lips feel drier than they usually are, so that’s another bonus. They all perform pretty similar, with a couple of small differences so I figured I would go ahead and talk about each shade individually when I show you the swatches 🙂

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Tranquility

I love this shade! Lately I have been all about the nudes, and even though I am starting to love pinks again I still go for a nude lip color more often. It applies beautifully and wears like a dream. It doesn’t smudge or transfer which is all I really need from a liquid lipstick (or well, lip lacquer if you wanna sound fancy). I feel like greasy/oily breaks it a little bit and it goes a bit patchy afterwards, but nothing that I am too concerned about. I also find that after a few hours it tends to sink into the lines on my lips, but my lips get very dry naturally so that’s normal. Longest wear I got out of this (without reapplying, I don’t do that usually) was somewhere around 8+ hours. At the end of the day it wipes off easily and I don’t have to scrub my lips nor wait for a lip balm to sink into my lips before being able to remove it.

MUA Velvet Lip Lacuqer – Dash


This is one of the few new colors MUA brought out a few months ago and I was surprised I was able to find it in store… on Superdrug’s website they tend to sell out like crazy. I wasn’t exactly sure if I would like this color and I still have mixed thoughts about it… I don’t hate it, but it’s not the most wearable shade of purple lipstick I own either, at least not for me. I feel like it looks darker when first applied and then as the hours pass by it goes lighter… it’s fading off I suppose, while staying put on my lips. It’s a tad bit darker than in the picture above, the flash kind of washed it out… and I wasn’t patient enough to let it dry completely, that’s why my lips look like I’ve got some weird disease and I’m about to die – I’m not, I should have just waited longer… Just like Tranquility, it does go a little bit patchy after having greasy food, but I feel like this holds up a little bit better. Most wear I got out of it was around 9 hours, and for 3 quid I was happy to see I still have lip color on after that long 🙂

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Zest 

This is the one I was most excited about! It is such a lovely, vibrant pink but on me it tends to lean a bit orange. It also applies patchy, so I’d suggest being extra careful when you put it on. Just like the other two, it doesn’t transfer nor smudge and it is long wearing, but will come off easily after having it on for the entire day.

Bottom line I like these. I wish I didn’t have to worry about them going patchy after having oily food (when do I not have oily food?) but as long as they stay put and don’t transfer all over my boyfriend’s face (TMI, I know) I am happy. I heard someone comparing these to the Rimmel Provocalips, but let me tell you… the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers are nothing like the Provocalips. The latter are still the best liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried, still my favorite and hell they don’t break easily! However both are drugstore brands and really affordable, so if you are looking for budget friendly liquid lipsticks/lip lacquers, I’d say hey why not look up a few more reviews and maybe give them a go – I think you might like them! 🙂 I am thinking about getting a few more shades in the future (I put myself on a spending ban, two more weeks to go!) as I like how MUA has a bunch of different, pretty shades for these lip lacquers.

Have you tried the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers? What do you think about them? What are your favorite transfer proof and long wearing liquid lipsticks?

Thank you for stopping by!

This post is not sponsored. The products were bought with my own money and all of the opinions are my own.

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