My Go To Winter Makeup Look! ♡

Hi loves! This look has been my go to winter makeup for the past weeks and I wanted to share it with you 🙂 It may not be exactly “wearable” for some of you but I am not a fan of natural looks so there you go 🙂
Nonetheless I hope you like this makeup! ♡
If you are interested in seeing what I do, then feel free to watch the YouTube video or keep on reading this post for all the details 🙂 xo

Okay so obviously the first step towards the flawless face that I want to achieve is applying a good foundation. I got the Rimmel London 25hr Lasting foundation a couple of weeks ago and I have really been loving it. I plan on reviewing it soon, so keep an eye out for that 🙂

After my face starts looking more human and less like a zombie I still have to cover my terrible dark circles. In order to do that I use my Rimmel Wake me up concealer – it’s one of the very few I tried but I love it so much that I don’t even really consider giving another one a go for a while, lol.
To set everything I used the Stay Matte powder (again, by Rimmel). It’s another product that I recently bought and I really like the results. And it doesn’t look bad under my eyes, some other powders tend to get cakey there, so woohoo!
To bronze up my face a little I used bronzer from my Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush & Contour palette.  I apply that slightly below my cheeks, on my forehead and also down my neck a little – even though I got one of the lightest shades that this foundation comes in, it still is a bit dark for me, ughh.

During the winter I like to overdo my blush a little bit – I think about it like… people blush naturally because it’s so cold. I am not a fan of being natural so I just go ahead and apply more product. I am not very crazy about blushes usually, but I think this looks cute in the winter. And no, by overdoing my blush I don’t mean looking like a clown, lol.
I also highlight a little bit and on a daily basis I wouldn’t really contour… But then again this contour shade from my Makeup Revolution Go! palette isn’t very pigmented so I can get away with it. I just make my face/cheeks and nose look a bit slimmer and I am good to go :D.
Next I fill in my eyebrows. On a daily basis I always use some eyeshadows (gray and brown) – I feel like that gives me the most natural look. I know that in the past I used eyeliners or gel eyeliners so that my eyebrows wouldn’t look washed out because of the lighting, but I only used these products for filming purposes, lol.
Aaaand it’s finally time for the eye makeup.
Sometimes I would use my concealer instead of a primer but I cannot always be bothered. Then I take that contour shade from my Go! palette on a blending brush and apply that in my crease and as a transition color.

The eyeshadow that’s been on my lids a lot this winter is “Gleam” from my Colour Chaos palette (review). To darken up the look a little bit more I take “Ammunition” from the same palette on a fluffy brush and apply that in the outter V/corner area and also I smoke it out on my lower lash line just a tiny bit.
Back to the blending brush: it’s time to make everything look nice and good and get rid of any harsh lines or imperfections. And I also highlight my browbone a little bit.
Time for eyeliner. I always like using black eyeliners. I have a few videos in which I used like a white or whatever but in real life I like my tight/waterline to be black. I feel like it makes my eyes smaller, prettier and also pop a bit. Then I take a liquid eyeliner and line my eyes. I always go for a wing because I feel like that’s what suits me best.
I’ve been using the Amazing Curl mascara from Makeup Revolution ever since I got it. However not only it is a black brown, but it also gives a way too natural look for my taste. So I apply it on my top and bottom lashes and then I also use the black side of my Physicians Formula mascara that came in the Nude Eyes kit (which I own in a giveaway, yaaay<3)

To finish everything, I wipe off whatever is left on my lips (lip balm, foundation, other crap) and then I apply a lipstick. I’ve been really loving this “Enchant” by Makeup Revolution (yes I know I used a lot of their products, and no I am not sponsored – I just got quite a few items from them recently). Back on the topic – it’s a gorgeous purple pink color and I feel like it works great with this makeup.
And that’s it pretty much 😀

I’d love to hear what you guys like to wear during winter and if you prefer softer looks or more dramatic ones 🙂

Thank you for stopping by! And Happy 2015!!!

Products used:
Rimmel London – 25HR Lasting Finish SPF 20 foundation – 201 Classic Beige
Rimmel London – Wake me Up concealer – 030 Classic Beige
Rimmel London – Stay Matte powder – 001 Transparent
Makeup Revolution – Ultra Professional Blush and Contour palette – Golden Sugar
Makeup Revolution – Go! Palette
Lancome S Palette
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette
Black eyeliner from Sunkissed Cosmetics makeup kit
Black liquid eyeliner – ???
Makeup Revolution – Amazing Curl mascara – Black brown
Physicians Formula mascara from Nude Eyes kit
Makeup Revolution – Amazing Lipstick – Enchant

This is not a sponsored video/post. Even though not all of these products were bought with my own money (won in a giveaway/Black Friday gifts) I am not paid to feature any of them.


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