Hammamet, Tunisia | How Did I End Up There and Was It Good?

When I told people that I am going to Hammamet, Tunisia, most of them seemed a bit confused. I found that they had lots of questions along the lines of… ‘Why Tunisia?’, ‘Didn’t they have a terrorist attack there last year?’, ‘How do you always end up going to Arab countries?’ or ‘Is it safe there? Aren’t you scared?’. All I wanted was a nice, relaxing beach holiday, yet that rose a lot of questions from the people around me.… Continue Reading


Empties and Trash: Do I Want To Repurchase?

It’s that time of the year when I’m running out of products yet again. In today’s post, I have some empties and also one product that I am throwing away since it didn’t work out. To be completely honest with you, I have a love-hate relationship with my empties. It usually means that if it’s something I loved, then I am going to repurchase (RIP $$$).… Continue Reading

Makeup · Travel

My Travel Makeup Bag: This is Why It’s Big But Actually Practical

Can you imagine that when I travel my makeup bag is one of the reasons why I always have to buy a checked in luggage? Yes, I am the kind of person that will always put on makeup before leaving the house. Especially when I go on holidays and I want to take a lot of pictures (and selfies) to have as memories.… Continue Reading


5 Odd Things I Do While Traveling | How Many Are YOU Guilty Of?

I love traveling. Probably a lot more than I love other things. However, I couldn’t help but notice that there are a few odd or bad habits I have when I am on holiday. I am pretty sure it’s nothing uncommon. And I bet you do some of these things too. How many odd habits are you guilty of when you go on a trip?… Continue Reading


Top 10 Under £10 | The Best of Affordable Makeup That You Need To Try

There’s nothing better than affordable makeup that performs as good as high end, is there? Granted I don’t own a lot of expensive makeup, but there are some products in my collection that I swear by. I thought about it long and hard, and I finally decided which are 10 of my favorite products at the moment. And on the bright side, they’re all under £10!… Continue Reading


Hurghada, Egypt | Excellent and Really Cheap Luxury Beach Holiday

For me, there’s nothing better than a beach holiday. As you might recall from my Cairo travel post, the idea to go to Egypt was quite random. I wanted another break and Egypt was one of the hottest places to go to in October. So I started looking at some hotels/resorts that wouldn’t be too far from the airport, and that’s how I decided to go to Hurghada.… Continue Reading


Cairo, Egypt | Why Did I Love This Amazing & Affordable Trip?

Weirdly enough Cairo or Egypt have never been the first thing that crossed my mind when I wanted to travel. To be honest, the idea to go to Egypt was quite random, actually. I just came back from Tenerife and I decided I need another holiday. When I searched where it is hot in October, Egypt was one of the first places that came up.… Continue Reading


5 Awesome Liquid Lipsticks for Spring&Summer That You Need

Liquid lipsticks are all I ever wear these days. I love how they last well on the lips and I don’t have to reapply or worry about them transferring everywhere. Hell, I recently threw out a bunch of normal lipsticks because I haven’t touched them in ages.

I also love spring, summer and any other warm day of the year. The sunshine makes me feel happy, motivated and well, alive.… Continue Reading


5 Reasons Why I Am Single and I Love It

I’ve been single for quite a while now and people often ask me why. Spoiler alert: it’s not because I am an extreme feminist or because ‘men are horrible’. That’s nonsense. Nor is it because I like jamming to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’. Also, people often tell me that ‘we need to find you a boyfriend!’ or ask ‘why is a pretty girl like you single?!’.… Continue Reading


Travel Diary: Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife | Perfect Summer Beach Destination

As I am getting more and more enthusiastic planning my summer holiday, I remembered what a good time I had last year when I visited Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. I was there for 7 nights in August and it was a great way to disconnect from the busy life and relax for a week.

I love beaches. A lot more than I love mountains and whatever else people refer to when they say ‘nature’.… Continue Reading