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Primark/PS… Get Lippy Matte Collection in ‘Cookie Dough’ Review & Swatches

Primark’s beauty range, PS…, has lip kits now! They are called Get Lippy and in my local Primark store there were 2 shades in the matte collection and 2 metallic shades as well. I feel like a lot of more drugstore or affordable brands are coming out with lip kits now, which is great. And of course I had to get my hands on at least one kit and try it out. 🙂

I chose the Get Lippy kit (weird name?) in the shade ‘Cookie Dough’ which on the packaging looks like a dark nude/light caramel brown. There was also another shade in the matte collection that looked like a darker brown, but I only chose this one to test it out first.

As I mentioned, they also had 2 metallic shades, if I recall correctly one looked rather golden on the packaging and the other one was a bronze metallic sort of color. As metallic liquid lipsticks aren’t my thing I didn’t even bother look at them.

The Get Lippy kit retails for £3. I think that is a great price point and everyone who has a Primark store nearby can afford them. Just like the other lip kits on the market, it comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. There is no information about how they are supposed to perform, how long they are supposed to last or whether or not they are transfer proof though. I don’t remember seeing any reviews on these before I saw them in store, so they are either quite new or just not as popular yet. However, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I already own another lip liner from Primark’s beauty range, but I was quite surprised to see that this liner is a lot creamier and smooth than my other one. Big thumbs up for that! As far as Primark liquid lipsticks go, well I’ve never tried them before so I was really looking forwards to testing it out. Liquid lipsticks are all I ever wear these days and I’m always curious to play with different formulas and finishes. I’m into liquid lipsticks so much that last week I threw away so many of my ‘normal’ lipsticks since I never really wear them anymore.

The first thing I did when I got home was swatch the Get Lippy kit. I got one for my cousin as well, and she was also curious to see what they look like. To my surprise, they swatch a LOT more rosy pink than they look in the packaging or in the box. I have no issues with wearing pink whatsoever, but it’s safe to say that the packaging was deceiving…

Again, on my lips both the liner and the liquid lipstick look quite different than they do in the packaging, a lot darker and more pink than the ‘swatch’ they printed on the box. If things were my way then the liquid lipstick tube and the color on the packaging should matched…

I feel like the Cookie Dough Get Lippy kit doesn’t necessarily exaggerate the lines on my lips, but it doesn’t hide them either. My lips are dry, sometimes very much so, so I suppose this is a problem that not everyone would struggle with. I am however pleased with how pigmented the liquid lipstick are, and it’s very comfortable on the lips. I didn’t experience any dry feeling, stickiness or crumbly dry feeling, so thumbs up for that.

As far as wear time goes, I think it’s worth the price point! It lasted for a good 5-6 hours before starting to fade a little on the inner rim. For most liquid lipsticks that’s normal with drinking and smoking I suppose. However I don’t think this would pass the food test, especially greasy food. I had a couple plums after 6 hours of wear and not only did it transfer on my chin, it also wiped off quite a bit. I suppose reapplying after 6 hours isn’t too bad, but I just took it off in the end.

Overall I think that for £3 this is pretty good. Yes, the color on the packaging is deceiving, but luckily for me the lip liner and liquid lipstick were still wearable and flattering. They wear quite decently I would say, and they’re comfortable too. I think I might check out more Primark Liquid Lipsticks in the future. 🙂

Other lip kits I’ve tried are the dupes/fakes of Kylie Lip Kits from Aliexpress. I did get those as a bundle, but individually the price works out to be quite similar to the Primark Get Lippy kit.

Did you try Primark’s PS… Get Lippy kits? Would you give the metallic ones a go? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Until next time…

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