Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial ♡

Hey there! 🙂 Today I have a super easy purple smokey eye tutorial 😀 Let me know what you think xo ♡

If you’d like to see how I got this look, you can watch the YouTube video below or keep on reading this post for step by step details 🙂

To start off this eye look I used a taupe-ish/cool toned brown kind of eyeshadow in my crease as a transition color. I knew I wanted to go for a purple look, but wasn’t exactly sure what was I going to do, so this was meant to make blending easier later on. And I also applied that on my lower lash line.

Then I took a quite vibrant lilac-ish purple eyeshadow and applied it all over my lid and also under my lower lash line. I think this is such a pretty color for summer, and despite the fact that I first it didn’t exactly blow my mind, now I feel like you can use it for both more natural looks (like popping some color and be good to go) or more glam/dramtic looks too. 🙂

Me and my love for dark eyeshadows… alright. I took a dark purple eyeshadow (or at least that’s what it looks like in the pan!) which actually turned out to be more of a greyish eyeshadow with purple glitter in it once applied on the eye and blended out. I built up that color a little bit in my outer corner, outer part of my lower lash line and also in my crease to give me that dark and quite sultry may I say look that I love.

Since I took that eyeshadow a little too far up in my crease, I went back to the first taupe eyeshadow that I used and smoothed things out a little bit. After all, I love dark eye makeups, but I don’t want to look like a raccoon, haha.

To pull the look together I used a champagne-ish eyeshadow in my inner corner and brow bone. I feel like highlighting makes such a big difference and makes the eyes stand out a little bit more.

For this look I was only going to use a black eyeliner in my waterline, but after I applied my false lashes I figured that I should try to hide that lash band… it was showing up and it didn’t look good.

On the lips I applied a nude lipstick at first, but it didn’t really go well with the look so I decided to top it off with a pink lip gloss in order not to look so washed out. And that’s all! 🙂

I hope you like this makeup look and I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts! 🙂

My foundation, contour, highlight and eyebrows routine:

Products used:
Bobbi Brown Brushes
Makeup Gallery Colour Story eyeshadow – Cappuccino 9
Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow – Blow your whistle
Makeup Revolution – Go! to Hell palette
Makeup Gallery Colour Story eyeshadow – Pink Champagne 4
Oriflame Intensity Eyeliner – Intense Black
P.S. Love… Liquid Eyeliner
P.S. Love… Volumising ultra black mascara
P.S. Love… False eyelashes –  Define
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – The One
Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss Tube – Baby Try

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