Quick and Efortless Beach Waves ♡

Hello loves! Today I have a hair tutorial on how I get beach waves 😀 It was my first time using NuMe and I’ve been wearing my hair like this for the past 2 weeks now hehe. 🙂
If you’d like to see how I got these nice waves, you can watch the YouTube video below :)! Or if you prefer reading instead, I will also try to explain each step in this post… enjoy!

Okay, so the first ting you do is plug in your curling wand and while it’s heating up, split your hair into two sections. Most people split their hair in top&bottom sections, but since I don’t do things like a normal person I split mine into left and right :). Put on my protective glove (and also suggest using some heat protectant at this point) and it’s timeee to start.
I am using a 32mm barrel/wand, therefore I am gonna grab bigger chunks of hair and wrap them around the curling wand. I suppose you can use a small barrel if you don’t have a 32mm, but I feel like by using this one my curls transform into nice beachy looking waves after I brush them through, which is exactly what I’ve been liking lately. Anyway, I wrapped the chunk of hair around the wand and waited for about 10-15 seconds, after which I dropped the hair in my palm and let it cool there (that’s why you need some sort of glove :D). For me I find it easier to curl from the back of my head towards the front, so that no hair gets in the way, kind of. Also, feel free to curl inwards (towards your face) or outwards, whichever you prefer/or both ways.
Now, repeat that on the rest of your hair 🙂 It’s pretty easy.
Once I got to my bangs (wannabe) I wrapped them around the curling iron and instead of holding the hair there for 10 seconds I just kind of moved it downwards slowly. I don’t really like super curled bangs on myself, so this gave me a little bit of a wave, without being too much.
Split your hair into two sections again and pull it in front of your face. I would suggest using a hair spray to make sure that your hairstyle lasts longer, however it’s not necessary. I did take this step though, so I sprayed each side of my hair at a time and then brushed it down.
And that’s all! 🙂 Now you can leave your hair like this, or style it a little bit to your liking – totally up to you!

My makeup in the video:

Products used:
NuMe 32mm curling wand (Titan 3 set)
Intu Hair Spray

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