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Review: P.S. Love… Volumising Ultra Black Mascara ♡ £2 mascara from Primark!

Hi there beauty lovers! Today I am going to review the Volumising Ultra Black Mascara by P.S. Love… (Primark). I got this mascara about a month ago and I thought I should share my opinions with the rest of the world.. especially with other mascara junkies hehe 🙂
So if you’d like to see what are my thoughts on this as well as some pictures on how it works, then enjoy reading! xo
Side note… the tube is actually bright pink. It looks rather purpleish because of the flash light.

Okay so this costed me 2 pounds at Primark. It’s pretty cheap for a mascara (or for a beauty item in general) and while I wasn’t expecting impressive results, I figured it’s not that expensive and I should give it a try.
They have a few mascaras in their collection (e.g. lengthening and so on) but I wanted to try a volumising mascara first. That and I was a little bit attracted to the pink tube hehe. The packaging kind of reminded me of the Covergirl Lash Blast Fushion (I think it’s called?) mascara for some reason, but what’s important is what it can do.

So let’s talk about the wand… it’s quite big and fluffy, slightly flexible. I think it might be a problem for people with smaller eyes than mine, as it’s pretty easy to mess up with a wand this big – hell, even I didn’t get used to it, and I still get mascara all over my lids if I am in a hurry… It’s fine when I wear a bold winged line, you can’t see that I’ve failed at applying mascara and touched my eyes, but when I don’t have eyeliner, I usually have to clean up. At least it’s not hard to remove off the lids, just let it dry and wipe it off with a Q-tip.

Now, I didn’t keep the packaging/little box that it came in, but I am pretty sure they didn’t write a wall of text in which they promise you what their mascara can do (unlike other brands). If I recall, the only thing that was written on the packaging was the ingredients list. However, I may or may not have a small idea about what people would want to know when they hear about a new mascara, so let’s see…

Is it…
♡ Volumising? Yes, I guess. I have quite a lot of lashes, so I can’t really tell. I think it is though. Look at the pictures below and decide for yourself 🙂
♡ Lengthening?  Yup, I get quite long lashes that nearly touch my browbone if I open my eyes wide. However, two coats are needed for that. If you only apply one coat it’s not that mind blowing.
♡ Does it curl/hold the curl of the lashes? My eyelashes have a bit of a natural curl so 99% of the time I will skip curling them. It does curl a little bit and it holds pretty well throughout the day.
Long lasting? (a.k.a. will I end up with raccoon eyes after a few hours?) – Yes it is long lasting, you don’t have to worry about looking like a hot mess after a couple of hours (to be honest I was afraid of that the first time I used it, loool!). But it’s really good actually. I usually have it on for about 15 hours/day (I work long shifts). When I get home my lashes are still in place and there is no smudging or transferring. Also, it doesn’t flake (a.k.a. you won’t end up with tiny black dots of mascara all over your face :).
♡ Waterproof? It doesn’t say, but it doesn’t start smudging around in humid weather/rain. In fact, it’s quite a pain in the back to remove this, haha. Sometimes it’s pretty annoying, like I’m really tired and I just have to keep rubbing and rubbing my eyelashes till everything comes off… and they’re still black afterwards. Lol.
♡ Clumping or separating lashes? I would say a little bit of both, depending on how much you use. If you only use one coat and then go out, your lashes would stay quite separated and look pretty natural (and very black, hehe). I’d say it also matters on how much product you have on the wand… the tube is one of these that will take off the excess product from the brush, but sometimes you might have a little bit more product there. I don’t like the results it gives in one coat, it’s way too average for me... so I usually use two. That’s when the magic happens :). Sometimes they would clump a little bit, sometimes they would look more separated. Again, it depends on how you apply it. For me usually the lashes do get a little bit of a clump (not as in spidery lashes, more as in they start sticking together, lol, does that even make sense?), but it’s nothing too dramatic or that I would mind. It’s all good for my personal preference 🙂
♡ “Ultra black”? Oooh, yes!
♡ Formula? Uhm.. quite wet, I’d say. It dries nicely, doesn’t make the lashes feel too dry though.

Now let’s see some pictures (click on the image to make it larger)
When I was talking the photos I curled the lashes of my left eye (your right, I guess) so that you can decide if there’s a big difference or not. I still am not into this curling lashes thing and I don’t think it’s a huge difference for me, as a good mascara would usually curl them anyway.

So… as I said earlier, the first coat is pretty much whatever. Nothing out of the ordinary or that would impress you the first time you use it. Your lashes do get very black, but only a little bit of length and all that jazz. I like how it makes my bottom lashes look though!
Then… the second coat.. Damn! As I apply it I start to notice that my lashes are getting some volume and loads of length… I usually do one eye at the time so the difference I see when I look in the mirror is pretty big, haha. I was wearing quite a thick eyeliner on the outer half of my eye so it doesn’t look that impressive… but if you compare it to the other two pictures I think you are able to tell the difference.

Bottom line..
♡ Would I recommend this? Hmmm, yes. I think that for 2 pounds the results are pretty awesome. My lashes end up as bold as if I would use my Physicians Formula mascara (maybe even a little bit longer, actually… and less clumpy). I’m glad I decided to try it out! I am not saying that this is the best mascara out there, but I find it really good and worth the money.
♡ Will I repurchase? At the moment I would rather try other mascaras from P.S. Love… and see which one I like best. I was quite impressed with this one, so I’d like to see if others work just as good.

That’s all for today! 🙂 I hope you found this review helpful!
Let me know if you’ve tried this mascara or other products from P.S. Love, I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!

This post is not sponsored. I purchased this product with my own money, all of the opinions are my own and I am not paid to feature it on my blog.

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